Usewalter Breaks into U.S. Property Managment

The food delivery app known as Golo Mobile is no more. The company is now operating under the name Usewalter, and has completely rebranded under the leadership of new CEO Peter Mazoff, the former long-time President at Thinking Capital.

Mazoff has done more than change the branding, as the product is completely new as well. Usewalter is a smart building technology SaaS solution for property managers and residents in high-density urban environments. Or, as management likes to call it, ‘the app that no one can live without to manage the home and workplace’.

Essentially the app is used to streamline building management through efficient communications, commerce and IoT all in a single portal. Now, the company is leveraging its first-mover advantage to access new markets, secure additional partners and build revenue. In fact, they have just announced an agreement with a Michigan-based real estate company managing over 1,200 units.  This entry into the U.S. market is seen by management as a signal that demand for such building management tools is in high demand on both sides of the border, particularly in a Covid environment which has seen so many start working from home.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by Property Management by Design for the delivery of our cutting-edge smart building solution to their building portfolio in Michigan,” said Peter Mazoff, President and CEO of Usewalter. “Making our first foray into the U.S. while well-funded from our recent financing positions the company to rapidly expand and scale to meet anticipated market demand. We are pleased to be the provider of choice for Property Management by Design while bringing our number of doors currently being serviced to over 30,000.”

If all of this weren’t enough, the company has recently partnered with well-known Montreal-area landmarks and projects including Habitat 67, Sentinel Gestion Immobilière, La Tour des Canadiens Phase 2 while continuing to expand the its presence across Canada. They have also onboarded channel partners including Magex Technologies, Condo Manager and Locketgo.

Did we mention they also did an IPO on November 9?

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