Upky Provides Insights on Crazy Real-Estate Markets

Moving season is just around the corner and if you’re having trouble finding one of those famous $500-a-month the Premier has been raving about, have no fear. Once again, a Montreal tech entrepreneur is ready with a solution.

Upky Solutions is one of Montreal’s newest real-estate tech startups, and they have tons of data on both the rental and sales markets available for free. Looking for a 1-bedroom downtown? Expect to pay about $1,450. Need a 3-bedroom in Longueuil? $1,200 is a fair price.

The company’s portal is free for anyone who creates an account and can be really helpful when looking for an apartment for 1 person or an entire family. They have so much potential, that they have been selected to take part in the current cohort for Next AI, on top of being part of the Ascension program at Fintech Cadence earlier this year as well, according to co-founder Uriel Bigot.

We gather data on sales and rental markets all across Quebec, not just Montreal” he told Montreal in Technology. “If you’re buying in St-Jerome, we have the data. If you’re renting in Gatineau, we have that too. Upky gathers this information from a variety of sources including government databases, rental websites and from data brokers. We have developed our own AI engine to analyze the totality of that data and the result is a really comprehensive set of information for buyers and sellers.”

The sales metrics are useful for house hunters, but possibly even more so for those looking to make real-estate investments be it a duplex in Lasalle or a larger, corporate owned building with dozens of rental units. What’s more, investors can enter data about a certain revenue property (number of units, annual revenue, property tax etc…) and the Upky tool will provide you comparable for similar properties in the same area, making it much simpler and more efficient. Or, if you think the market is overpriced right now and believe it’s finally time to sell, property owners can consult Upky to see what other sellers have gotten for nearby properties.

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