The Fundica Roadshow returns to Montreal on May 1st

The Fundica Roadshow is back for its sixth edition, and a partnership with Panache Ventures means startups have a chance at $500,000 in investment.

The Fundica Roadshow is an initiative that was started by online funding tool Fundica in 2013. Last year’s Roadshow brought together over 150 startups, 2000 attendees, 132 funders, and 125 partners, making it the largest pitch competition across Canada. With stops in 10 of Canada’s largest cities, from Halifax to Victoria, early stage innovators had the chance to pitch their business to a panel of angels, VCs, banks, and government organizations.

This year’s iteration is narrowing its scope, but not its size. The 2018 Fundica Roadshow will initially stop in three Canadian cities—Montreal on May 1st, Vancouver on May 31st, and Toronto on June 28th—that will act as a qualifying round leading up to a final event in Montreal on July 12th.

“Last year we did 11 events across Canada, and this year we narrowed it down to four: three qualifier events in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, and then the finale is back in Montreal,” Mike Lee, President of Fundica, told MTLinTECH. “There’s going to be less events but they’ll be bigger events. In terms of focus, this year we’re focusing more on AI, the future of funding—which is starting to morph with blockchain and crowdfunding—and the other thing we’re bringing through is female-led ventures in entrepreneurship. Certainly that’s not something new, but it’s something that’s thankfully becoming a more prominent discussion, so we’re doing a whole track on that as well.”

Startups that make it to the final round will have the opportunity to pitch in front of leading Montreal investors, and will also receive investment consideration from Panache Ventures for up to a total amount of $500,000.

“The Fundica Roadshow is a great opportunity for us,” says Mike Cegelski, Managing Partner, Panache Ventures. “It provides a unique one-stop opportunity to meet the most ambitious start-ups in the country.”

Each stop will feature inspiring speakers, educational workshops, networking opportunities with funders and entrepreneurs, and some fun surprises.

“We have Automat, Dialogue, SPORTLOGiQ, and Landr discussing raising a round in AI. The three groups have raised pretty large rounds in Montreal. ‘Why We Invest in Female-Led Tech Startups’ will be another panel, for which we have Magaly Charbonneau and Manon Desmarais. For the future of funding we have Corl and Ulule speaking, and we have Kassim Tremblay talking about the cryptocurrency/blockchain area,” said Lee.

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There will be 18 companies pitching at the Montreal event, taking place at the Rialto Theatre on May 1st. Three winners from that group will move on to the final round on July 12th.

“The whole day will be an experience for entrepreneurs, specifically those focused on funding and the preparation that entails. But it’s also going to be a great event for people to meet one another, network, learn.”

The program also includes workshops that all attendees are encouraged to participate in.

“It’s something we introduced last year and we’re expanding on this year. The workshops are where you really get your hands dirty. There’s going to be one on government funding, we’re doing something on legal, we’re doing one on government grant programs, we’re going to be doing something on financial literacy. So these are more in-depth and the entrepreneurs in attendance can get directly involved.”

Past winners from Montreal have included LexopGradeSlam,reDock and Phazon earbuds, all companies to keep an eye on in 2018.

“Our mission comes back to educate, inspire, and fund entrepreneurs. That’s what we’re trying to do. So really it’s an event that’s trying to connect people and I think the entrepreneurs are going to be pitching in front of leading Montreal investors. It’s going to be a great time.”

You can get your ticket to the May 1st event here.


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