The first Expo Entrepreneurs to offer free resources for Quebec entrepreneurs all in once place

This Wednesday and Thursday, Expo Entrepreneurs is taking over Place Bonaventure to celebrate all of Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The best part? It’s all free.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out and looking to find the necessary resources, an established entrepreneur looking to position yourself among the best performing and most innovative businesses in your field, or an intrapreneur looking for new trends to inspire you to innovate and perform within your business, there will be something there for everyone.

“Essentially Expo Entrepreneurs is an event for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs,” Nima Jalalvandi, President of Expo Entrepreneurs told MTLinTECH. “The original idea behind it was that we’d like to create a gathering place for entrepreneurs from different industries to meet up and to exchange about what it is to be an entrepreneur. It’s a lot more focused on the culture behind entrepreneurship. What are the things we should be focusing on and talking about to help each other grow businesses in Quebec?”

Expo Entrepreneurs has three focal points. The first vector is entrepreneurship at large–anything from selling a phone to selling artificial intelligence and everything in between. The second is focused on entrepreneurship specifically within Quebec. It hopes to create an inclusive environment for people who are coming from outside of Montreal because the ecosystem is stronger when it works together. Lastly, the event is about accessibility to entrepreneurship. That’s why the event is free.

“We have three zones. The main conference spaces in the center revolve around inspiration. We have headsets that we distribute to participants so they can pick a channel to listen to, because there are multiple speakers at the same time. You can switch between channels to listen to different speakers. We have two geodomes, two huge domes you go inside of with space for activities that don’t require headsets, more collaborative activities you do in groups of 30-50 people.”

The Expo will also have labs on site, with content like master classes that are really content based. There will also be clinics–legal clinics, accounting, finance, insurance, etc.–where you can get an appointment with an expert and get answers on site.

“The way we’ve created the event, it’s not like a traditional expo conference. Nobody brings their banners, there’s no pop-up kiosks, everything is custom-made by us.”

“We have over 100 community partners on site, accelerators, incubators. People can go through the programming and clinics online, and it’s going to be synced to a mobile app they can download. And on site they can go sign up for activities as well and participate in pretty much everything. The participation gives you access to over 200 pieces of content and hundreds of experts on site.”

The first Expo Entrepreneurs is happening January 24th-25th at Place Bonaventure, and runs from 9 am to 5 pm both days, with an opening night cocktail reception from 5 pm to 9 pm on the 24th. You can sign up to participate here, and a full list of programming can be found here.

“Entrepreneurship is hard enough as it is. But we’re very lucky to be in Quebec, where we have an ecosystem that’s very rich and that makes it that much easier to be an entrepreneur. Everything is happening on the horizon, but it can be hard to find yourself and find the right people. Expo Entrepreneurs is a snapshot of the ecosystem where you get to go discover what’s going on and figure out how you want to organize yourself for the next year.”

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