Startup Open House returns to Montreal

Montreal’s annual Startup Open House is returning for its 2016 edition on September 22nd beginning at 3:00 pm. It’s the fourth year in the row the event will take place.

Consistent with past years, those interested in tech startups, employed or not, can take tours throughout the offices of some of Montreal’s notable tech companies. There they can meet team members and get the inside story on their companies and the things they create.

“Its a great introduction to the ecosystem for someone who’s curious, doesn’t know too much about startups but who wants to learn more,” said Kara Sheppard-Jones, Credo’s project manager and the lead organizer of Startup Open House. “You get to walk into a bunch of startups, discover what their products are and meet their people over games and drinks in a casual environment. It’s a very approachable way to get your feet wet in the startup space.

Startup Open House will also happen on the same evening in Toronto and Vancouver. Kitchener-Waterloo’s event comes on Oct. 4.

SharetheBus will once again be providing free shuttle buses for participants, with the schedules going up on the Startup Open House website shortly.

In past years the event has been in October, but the organizers like Sheppard-Jones moved the event to September. Now they’re encouraging more people to ride their bikes with the better weather before it gets colder.

All of the companies participating will submit all their open job positions to a central page this year through London-based Jobbio, where participants can check them out in an organized place. “They can directly check out who’s hiring for what and participants will be able to go to a startup, meet the team and follow the team on Jobbio after.”

In Montreal, three distinct “HQ” spots in Mile End, at Notman House and at Crew Cafe + Collective will give out check-in passes before participants can start the touring. Guru energy drinks will be given out at these spots as well. The point of this is so Startup Open House data can closely monitor who’s participating in the event.

Sheppard-Jones noted that the night can serve as a nice way for both candidate and company to get familiar with each other.

“It’s pretty rare that you get to watch into a future employer’s office and meet with whoever you want. You can go beyond just meeting an HR person and actually meet people who are working on the product you might be joining. You get to see what what type of work space they’re in, what type of office culture they have. It’s a very rich experience.”

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Here’s some of the 150 startups and organizations taking part:

Open House



Affordance Studio

Affordance Studio is an educational game company founded in 2013 by design experts and veterans of the video game industry.
790 Boulevard Décarie

Aïdi is a powerful application managing all elements of construction project management, such as financing, project timelines, billing.
4000 Saint Ambroise Street – 270
Fleexer allows you to find great ressources near you just as quickly as calling a friend, whether your needs are spontaneous or recurrent, our platform connects the right talents with the appropriate
2751 Rue Notre Dame Ouest – 3e étages
AdviseAuto offers innovative analytics solutions to the automotive industry with a focus on telematics, IoT and data science.
338 Rue Saint Antoine Est – 403
We are urban beekeepers, providing bee education and producing local honey in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto.
7154 Rue Saint-Urbain – 514.907.0826
We are an e-commerce agency that focuses on Shopify, with over 5 years experience on the platform and a great team of 25 software engineers. We don’t shy away from any problem, everything is possible!
4020 Rue Saint-Ambroise – 198
Ange Lebeni
Drone City proposes to be a for-profit startup that aims to promote research and use of equipment Robotics with gets energy consumption. solar scooter and drone agriculture for optimisation
111 Rue de la Barre
Ask PAM is a cloud-based CRM for the hospitality Concierge that centralizes in one platform the day-to-day Concierge operations, providing a better customer experience.
3 Place Ville Marie – Suite 4010
EXO Tactik / EXO360
We help save lives and protect emergency responders by providing them live aerial footage and data caption using unmanned aerial systems.
3535 Queen Mary Road – 200
Barracks is a SaaS platform which allows its clients to manage easily the distribution of updates and packages to connected devices whether it is a watch, a car or even a satelite.
363 Rue Notre-Dame O – #303
Au cœur des événements, SpiritEvent offre une nouvelle expérience de mixologie. Cette entreprise crée et commercialise des distributrices à cocktails automatisés et en libre-service.
Centech (Centre d’entrepreneurship technologique) – C0230
Beeye is a cloud management software for capacity planning and forecasting that helps managers make informed decisions by giving them the most relevant information when they need it.
1250 Guy Street – 6th floor
Get a glimpse into the future of research and experience the visualization of information in an innovative way using Microsoft HoloLens technology.
1176 Bishop Street
BioMindR leverages Radio-Frequency (RF) Technology and machine learning to develop contact-free, accurate and power efficient sensors for continuous monitoring of hydration and other biometrics.
780 Avenue Brewster – RC-016
OctHuber creates innovative apps, connecting people with retailers and restaurants thanks to advanced loyalty programs and exclusive offers. OctHuber first app will be available September 2016.
360 Rue Saint-Jacques – 1815
BonApp MTL
BonApp empowers members to reduce food waste and save food. We are starting with a fridge network allowing people to give and receive fruits and veggies for free.
5333 Casgrain Avenue – #102
Boozang automate testing of web applications by utilizing the capabilities in the web browser to help distributed teams collaborate and be more productive.
5333 Avenue Casgrain – #102
Celine Juppeau
Transforming the way promotional products are perceived and purchased. We develop innovative sustainable sourcing solutions. Our products are 100% locally-made with local designers.
5333 Avenue Casgrain – 102
Solving Parking in your neighborhood! Share your spot with drivers who are willing to pay for it by the hour. Drivers can book any date and get money back for the hours not used!
1250 Guy Street – 600
CleverToday is a digital agency providing tailor-made solutions in development, analysis and marketing strategy for businesses.
363 Rue Notre-Dame O – 303
Cloud Horizon Technologies
Let us bring your product to life. Cloud Horizon is a digital agency that specializes in transactional web and mobile applications, ecommerce and warehouse management systems.
1500 Rue du Collège – Suite 200
CoPower’s online platform allows investors to pool their funds, which are then loaned to developers to finance clean energy projects, such as solar rooftops and energy efficiency retrofits.
4444 Saint Catherine Street West – 201
Balanced meal solutions based on healthy ingredients and inspired by centuries-old cuisine.
3535 Queen Mary Road – 201
Covera takes insurance renewals off your to-do list. Forever.
642 Rue de Courcelle 

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