Seevibes’ new tool to arm marketers with ‘the most performant tech weapons’

Seevibes is launching a new marketing tool that will connect customer data with data from millions of social profiles, targeting “the most efficient advertising networks.”

The new tool, the Seevibes Audience Management Platform, will help arm marketers with “the most performant tech weapons,” according to CEO Laurent Maisonnave.

The new solution will connect customer data and Seevibes’ audience data from “more than 150 million engaged profiles, to the most efficient advertising networks to finally bring performance to digital.”

Maisonnave noted that the new technology was developed and optimized throughout the last five years by his team of researchers, data scientist and media specialists.

“Our mission has always been to develop real performance marketing for social media advertising: smarter marketing, targeting the most engaged profiles,” he told MTLinTech. “Today we feel we’re one step closer to that.”


Seevibes Seevibes

According to the company, 65 per cent of marketing professionals strongly argue the importance of investing in technology solutions, and their top priorities are social marketing, ecommerce and marketing analytics. The challenge for many marketers is to better demonstrate the contribution marketing has on sales, with a measurable return on investment.

Mélanie Roth, the senior director for the National Bank of Canada’s Go to Market Strategy, said that Seevibes’ data not only made a difference in terms of the quality of their leads but also the quantity.

“Facebook has always been a good source for leads for us, but often we quickly saturate our audiences, which limits acquisitions via this channel. We’re now able to take full advantage,” she said.

Seevibes calls itself the leading provider of smart data targeting for efficient social media advertising.

The company spent its first several years focused on monetizing Social TV audience for its clients. However, through the analysis of billions of data points collected around over 150 million profiles in eight countries and in five languages, Seevibes built its “Engagement Graph,” what it calls “the first cartography of the engagement of people on Facebook and Twitter.”


Since graduating the FounderFuel accelerator program in 2012, it raised $1 million in funding, acquired the French social analytics firm TvTweet and opened an office in France.

Today’s announcement about Seevibes’ new marketing tool comes heavily tied to its recent hiring of Philippe Bouzaglou, largely seen as the creator of Facebook’s popularized concept of the Social Graph. The Social Graph is a graph that depicts personal relations of internet users. One of the earliest known forms of this concept was created in 2002 by Bouzaglou, then a Harvard student, in a paper published on the Harvard Department of Economics website.

Bouzaglou was named as Seevibes CTO recently, but has been working on several project with the company since 2012.

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