Scale AI, Canadian universities invest $20 million into AI research

Scale AI, the Montreal-based artificial intelligence (AI) supercluster, will invest $10 million to create at least 10 university chairs dedicated to AI across the country. The universities will pitch $10 million as well for a total of $20 million.

The announcement was made Thursday morning.

The development of university chairs is a key element of AI talent development strategy in Quebec and Canada. Funding helps attract and retain some of the world’s greatest AI researchers, support ambitious research programs and develop the next generation of AI experts.

“University research is inseparable from business innovation. These two aspects of innovation challenge one another, inspire one another and push us to go further together. To develop a truly collaborative and flourishing ecosystem, we must encourage the emergence of talents who can generate mutually beneficial interactions and new Canadian intellectual property sources,” said Scale AI CEO Julien Billot.

Scale AI is a Montreal-based investment and innovation hub that accelerates the rapid adoption and integration of AI.

Funded by the federal government and the Quebec government, the organization has nearly 120 industry partners, research institutes and other players in the AI field.

“Canada has a global reputation for leadership in AI. I am glad to see Scale AI is making strategic investments to build capacity in the AI ecosystem and create IP that can help industry partners in their efforts to grow and expand,” said Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada.

Research teams, universities or faculties can pitch their project to Scale AI. A webinar and info on submitting a proposal are available on the website.

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