NEXT Canada launches, a new platform to showcase AI innovation, a new platform to showcase Canadian advances in artificial intelligence (AI), was unveiled at TechTO on Monday.

Developed by NEXT Canada in collaboration with AI community leaders Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), Creative Destruction Lab, Vector Institute, and Montreal’s own Element AIBorealis AI, and the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), the web platform will serve as an information hub about the research being done in Canada, the leading startups and companies in the AI space, and events happening across the country.

Canada has proven itself to be a global leader in the artificial intelligence field within the past few years, thanks in no small part to Montreal.

The announcement from Facebook in September that McGill professor Dr. Joelle Pineau would be leading Facebook’s fourth Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (FAIR) (and first research and development investment in Canada) set off a domino effect of similar announcements.

Soon after, Samsung disclosed they’d had a new AI lab at the Université de Montréal up and running since August.

Stradigi followed suit in October, announcing they’d launched Stradigi Labs, an applied research center focused on developing innovative AI solutions in high-growth markets such as medical and healthcare, sports and social platforms and led by an astrophysicist. A week later, Google’s DeepMind opened their second international AI research lab in Montreal, just months after opening their first Canadian lab in Edmonton.

And in November, BMO and RBC invested $4 million into Montreal’s Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), and RBC Borealis AI opened a lab with McGill professor Jackie Cheung acting as advisor. will serve as a news aggregator rather than focusing on reporting the news. It will allow people looking for AI stories to find them all in one place, with website links to all its sources so the original publishers still get every page view. will also feature posts directly from Canada’s AI researchers and institutes. Media partners will include Tech Vibes, Digital Journal, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, The Financial Post, and yours truly MTLinTECH.

“It’s no secret that artificial intelligence in Canada has reached a tipping point, and it’s more important than ever that we as Canadians shine a spotlight on our stories,” said Graham Taylor, Academic Director of NextAI and Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of Guelph and the Vector Institute. “The platform is a place for everyone in the AI community to share and take pride in our accomplishments.”

The site will also feature a comprehensive directory of Canada’s expanding AI landscape that lists the growing number of organizations researching, developing, and commercializing AI in the space. Also included will be a timeline of AI’s history in Canada, and a calendar of AI-focused events throughout the country.

Canada is home to several of the world’s most advanced AI organizations and companies, operating across the country from Montreal to Vancouver,” said Jean-Francois Gagné, Co-founder and CEO of Element AI. “ provides a space to celebrate all of those organizations and highlight wins as a community. Together, we can continue to push the boundaries of what Canada can accomplish with artificial intelligence, and secure our position as a leading force in the industry.”

To be listed in the directory, organizations can submit their company through the site here.


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