Nex Band wearable hits Indiegogo as ‘hackable, modular smartband’

Adam Adelman’s Nex Band has officially hit the crowdfunding market after the modular wristband launched on Indiegogo Monday.

Nex is being marketed as the “hackable modular smartband,” as users can “hack the band in just seconds,” creating their own uses for each of the five buttons. Nex acts as five-touch sensitive programmable buttons allowing the user to manage devices, apps, and notifications. Nex wants to give users the power of control, with an “infinite number of Hacks.”

Currently, the Early Bird Special perk on Nex’s campaign will get buyers a band for US $89 + shipping. The next perk up is the Early Adopter’s Special for US $99 and the Founder’s Nex Band for US $115, which comes with the unique Founders Mod that will only be available through the campaign and never sold again.

Nex Band is formerly the company called “Mightycast.” It appears this product is a pivot of sorts for the team, as formerly the bracelet was marketed towards pre-teens/tweens.

Out of the box, Nex is what you’d expect with a wearable device. We track your activities, count your calories, and share notifications. But that’s just where the fun begins. We’re thinking about wearables in a very different way. Our goal is to empower our community to create their own personalized experiences in a enjoyable, easy, and creative way. Nex gives you the power to control the world around you, the information that’s important to you, and the content that you want to cherish or share.

-Nex Band Indiegogo campaign

The Nex band does have some very interesting capabilities. Users can open garage doors, control music, turn on lights, send emails, start kitchen appliances, take pictures, and more. Less impressively, it can create a custom light animation any time friends call or message, or create a celebratory light show every time a favourite team scores a goal or wins a game.

The amount of uses for the Nex Band is not just limited to the above: the list goes on, including using Mods as sensors, gaming and lots more.


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