New Mile-End coworking space La Gare opens with a bang Thursday

Mile End’s coolest new coworking space is opening with a big party Thursday night.

The folks at La Gare will put on an event called “Le Grand Depart” to officially kick-off the space. Residing at 5333 Casgrain, Suite 102, La Gare has actually been in use for several months now with full occupancy. It’s the idea of Credo Productions, which was cofounded by Stephanie Brisson, LP Maurice, Christian Bélair and Marie Eve Boisvert.

“When we launched Credo last year we had this idea to create a physical space for startups and everything fell into place when we saw this 10,000 square feet space,” Brisson told MTLinTech. “So we decided to move forward and actually launch a coworking space.”


La Gare is expecting between 150 to 200 people attending tonight’s festivities. While it’s invite only, a simple email to their website may do the trick for an invite.

There’ll also be several important announcements related to big-name sponsors, as Brisson told us, mostly relating to resources provided to members. La Gare members will soon have access to professionals and mentors, along with office hours with a law firm and an accounting firm.

The space itself is almost completely open-concept, save for some conference rooms that members can take advantage of. Members have their own reserved seats towards the back of the space while hot-desk seats are positioned near the front. Everyone sits at big tables. While teams are welcomed, they won’t have their own private space.

The price of a seat at La Gare depends on the time commitment one gives them. Currently a seat costs just $295 based on a one-year contract, $350 based on a six-month contract and $400 on a one-month contract. While no space is currently vacant, Brisson expects some people to leave at the end of the month, thus opening up some seats.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.52.49 PM

The debate on which type of coworking space works best for everyone rages on.

There are many options in Montreal, some having received more attention than others in the past.

There’s also Notman House at 51 Sherbrooke St. O; NEXUS Workspace at 4529 Clark Street; 6Cent1 at 400 Avenue Atlantic #601; Regis Montreal at 1000 Rue de la Gauchetière O; Le Co Lab at 4267 Boul St-Laurent; Espace 360 (two locations in the Plateau); Station C at5605 avenue de Gaspé, suite 204; La Commune at 440 Place Jacques Cartier; and many more.

Notman House is arguably the most high-profile based on the amount of community work it’s been a part of, not to mention that both the FounderFuel accelerator and Real Ventures resides there. (Disclosure: some of the founders of MTLinTech work out of Notman House).

But Notman House, with its private offices for startups and less of an open-concept philosophy, may not be for everyone. It also may not work for those who wish to work closer to where they live in the Plateau.

“Some people want to have an office where they interact with people and meet randomly, and that’s something I’m really proud of,” said Brisson. “People meet at the coffee machine, at the lounge, they run into each other randomly, they do business together, they help each other and bring value to each other. And that doesn’t necessarily happen at Notman house, because they’re in closed offices.”

In an open space, said Brisson, it allows for that special kind of moment. At La Gare, one may run into startups like MakerBloks, TSHU, Provender and more on any given day.

Tonight, however, those attending will be running into one fun party.


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