New initiative seeks to map Montreal’s startup ecosystem

A one-stop-shop for information on Montreal startups and the community they make could soon be a reality. And as an added perk, those who fill out its survey could win tickets to Startupfest or Innobahn.

The Montreal Startup Ecosystem Report is launching its survey today. According to its website, Credo Productions, Startupfest and the OSMO foundation are behind the future report.

Montreal Startup Ecosystem Report

The report’s website listed several goals for the report, including analyzing “the reality faced by startups in Montreal by leveraging statistics and evaluating the economic impact of startup activity on the city.” Moreover, the report will seek to build a map of Montreal’s ecosystem and “mobilize our community to best portray our impact and understand our challenges.”

The website currently offers surveys targeting startups, investors and “supporters,” which take about 15 minutes.

Though many reports and analyses have explored the conditions and challenges mature Quebec companies have faced in recent years, the current situation of startups in the greater metropolitan area of Montreal remains largely undocumented.

This report will serve as a toolbox for our community.

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