New coworking spaces Fabrik8, Nuwrk both launch

Montreal’s crowded coworking space is set to welcome two new guests to the party.

Both the Mile Ex-based Fabrik8 and Lower Plateau-based Nuwrk are officially opening their doors. Fabrik8 will hold a launch party today to celebrate its launch while Nuwrk held its own last week.

Fabrik8 is steps away from Parc Jarry, located on rue Waverly just north of Jean Talon. A coworking space for businesses, this new space differs from the rest but still retains some elements common to most spaces in the city.

Set in a sizeable building close to Parc metro, Frabrik8 occupies two expansive floors. It offers private offices to teams of different sizes, primarily focusing on post-seed stage companies as its clients. Offices range in price from $450 for one person to as high as $3,700 for 12-20 people. However, it still does offer a traditional “coworking space,” where individuals can pay a flat monthly fee of $300 for a hot desk.

The space’s client list already numbers 40 businesses, including Guru energy drinks.

Founder Pierre-Antoine Fernet acquired the building at 7240 Rue Waverly in August, 2015, and spent months reconstructing its interior. Prior to this, he founded the Espace 360 coworking space, which sits just around the corner from the new Fabrik8.

“I like to say that Fabrik8 is when you move on to your second office. You start at Notman House or another coworking space and then you come to us when you have larger needs. Our space is about efficiency: when a business reaches a certain point it becomes important to have a proper private office space to work in,” Fernet told MTLinTECH.

The party starts at 3:00 pm and will feature an open house and complete tour of Fabrik8, a 45-minute presentation by several Fabrik8 companies, two presentations from officeVibe and the BDC, a 5 à 7 outside and a pitch-off involving startups. After that, Fabrik8 will host the MTL + ECOMMERCE meetup (paid).

“I get a lot of pleasure when I see two people working in my space who meet each other and become friends. I’ve never worked as hard in my life as I did creating this space, and, to me, it’s amazing to see people enjoying it,” said Fernet.

Just down the road from the historic Schwartz’s Deli sits another new space that recently opened its doors, in Nuwrk.

The space offers three membership options, each designed to cater to different needs and budgets. All three membership levels give you access to Nuwrk’s office, “a beautiful and brightly-lit industrial space located in the Lower Plateau.”

The “MobileNuwrker” option costs $40 per month and includes three days per month at a hot desk, along with more perks. The “Nuwrker” goes for $70 per month and gets five days at a hot desk. Finally, the “Supreme Nuwrker,” at $250 per month, gets three days per week and more perks.

Nuwrk calls itself more than just a coworking space.

“We’re a hub for creativity and innovation with a goal of uniting Montrealers under the common threads of technology and curiosity. During the week, we’re a lean, mean, idea-generating machine. On weekends, our space will be used to hold coding workshops for kids and host lecture series from visiting industry experts,” wrote the space.

As well, “with a limited number of spaces available, we choose individuals and businesses that complement each other,” wrote the space. “This selection process guarantees its member the opportunity to learn and grow over the course of their participation.”

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