MTL EdTech Pitch Competition to spotlight innovative education startups for the second year in a row

Next Thursday, February 22, the MTL EdTech Pitch Competition returns for the second year in a row.

EdTech startups will have the opportunity to pitch a panel of judges and the rest of the EdTech community. It’s a great opportunity to get instant feedback on your product and business plan rom experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and educators.

“The MTL EdTech meetups have been going on now for two years, and last year we held our first pitch competition,” organizer Phil Cutler—who is also the founder and CEO of Gradeslam—told MTLinTECH. “This is the second generation. Really the goal here is to showcase up and coming Montreal EdTech companies, the next wave of amazing EdTech startups coming from our ecosystem.”

More than double the amount of startups that participated last year have already applied to take part in this year’s competition. Which means not everybody that applies will be accepted to pitch.

“The challenge, ironically, over the last year is that EdTech has sort of gained a bit more traction and popularity in Montreal. So last year we struggled to get applicants for the pitch competition. This year we have quite a few. We’re most likely going to have to limit the applicants to the stronger applications. We’re looking at companies that are still early stage. We’re super surprised. I think last year we had maybe four or five, and this year we already have eight or nine. We’re trying to get as many as possible, and to accommodate as many applicants as possible, we’ve changed the format.”

The new format will include a three minute pitch, and a two minute Q&A period with the judges, allowing more companies to pitch.

“Ultimately the goal is to try to showcase as many as possible. The prizes will go to the stronger companies, but we want everybody to get that exposure. The more pitches companies do, the more exposure they get, the better it is for everybody.”

The deadline to apply is tomorrow evening, February 15th by 9 pm EST. Interested EdTech founders can apply here.

“We’re going to be giving two passes to Startupfest away as a prize, we’ve got BDO providing accounting services packages for winner. Fasken Martineau will be doing the same with legal. We also have Capital Angel Network, which is an angel network out of Ottawa. They’re going to be opening up a spot to pitch to their angels for the winner. There’s also a trophy for the winners.”


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