Montreal plans to equip entire city with wifi

Montreal will be equipped with city-wide wifi access within three years, according to an ambitious new plan by mayor Denis Coderre and his administration.

Via MTLBlog, Coderre announced Wednesday morning the new plan, called Montréal, ville intelligente et numérique 2015-2017. It will seek to make Montreal a “smart city” by the end of 2017, as its title suggests, and is aimed at “improving the quality of life in Montreal by providing easier access to public services and facilitating democratic participation.”

The project will include 70 different projects, including a city-wide public WI-FI network and optimizing and digitizing public transport in Montreal so riders will know in real-time where their next bus or metro is.

MTLblog had this to say about the potential exciting development in the city:

This isn’t just for the benefit of the citizens. If Montreal becomes a smart city, we would be amongst a few in the world, which would essentially make up a niche market for business and technological development. And anything that makes Montreal more welcoming to businesses and investments is a good thing.


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    JR Bédard

    Wi-Pie in the Sky?
    Good initiative, even if it didn’t work for cities like San Francisco and Mountain View.. Could be good for dataplan-less tourists, because nowadays you have pretty fast LTE everywhere in Montreal..

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