Montreal is apparently a big market for Etsy sellers

Montreal’s community of sellers on the popular artisan marketplace Etsy is one of the site’s largest, says CEO Chad Dickerson.

Dickerson was in town last week for Montreal’s annual C2 creativity + commerce event, and told CBC Montreal that not only is the city’s group of sellers one of its largest, but one of the site’s top-ranking sellers in the entire world is in Montreal.

Etsy is a peer-to-peer ecommerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies and unique factory-manufactured items. Now a publicly-traded company, the company was once founded as a small startup out of Brooklyn, New York.

Dickerson was evidently high on Montreal when speaking at C2.

“To give you an example, we have a phenomenon called ‘Etsy Teams.’ These Etsy Teams are self-organized groups of Etsy sellers, who get together. They run craft fairs, they buy supplies together, give each other moral support. The Montreal Etsy team has 2,000 people in it. It’s one of the largest teams in the world and one of our top sellers on Etsy,” he said.

Moreover, the Montreal-based business that Dickerson said was one of its top sellers in the world is LeCubicule, run by “Joelle” from Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, about an hour north of Montreal.

LeCubicule sells minimalist jewelry and delicate rings (stacking rings, knot rings, skinny rings), and according to the seller, most is made with recycled precious metals. Joelle works “mostly in sterling silver, gold filled, rose gold and yellow gold, palladium and platinum.”


Dickerson also called C2 a “beautifully produced conference combining all the best of technology and just a real kind of experiential atmosphere. The aesthetics are really amazing. I was incredibly impressed.”

On the city of Montreal, the CEO called it “one of those cities that is really dripping with culture.”

“I think the sellers on Etsy from Montreal reflect that culture,” Dickerson told CBC Montreal. “It’s a very modern city, but it also has a really long-term respect for tradition, so it fits incredibly well with Etsy.”

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