Medical platform PetalMD acquires Workoptics

Quebec City-based startup PetalMD has acquired a Mississauga-based workplace management platform in Workoptics.

With over 29,000 medical professionals, PetalMD calls itself Canada’s leading medical platform for hospitals, physician departments and clinics. Workoptics, a cloud-based scheduling solution, delivers a “highly scalable, integrated solution” for staff scheduling in healthcare.

PetalMD, which also says it’s Canada’s largest physician network, announced the acquisition Wednesday.

“We are very happy with this acquisition,” said PetalMD CEO Patrice Gilbert. “It meets our short term goal of consolidating the Canadian market for physician scheduling. With a third of all Canadian physicians already on the PetalMD platform, we are well on our way to connecting and improving scheduling workflows for all Canadian physicians.”

PetalMD acquired Medago, an e-prescription solution, last January. Wednesday’s news marks the company’s second acquisition in just over six months.

Workoptics users will be able to perform physician scheduling, patient appointment booking in clinics, real-time hospital on-call lists and secure messaging for physicians.

“There is a lot of great innovation happening in Canada to meet the challenges of our healthcare system and PetalMD is an emerging leader. We are pleased to be part of the team and excited for what the future holds through our collective efforts.” said Daniel Ramlogan, CEO of Workoptics.

Workoptics was “uniquely developed for complex work environments where quality and dependability of the human capital ecosystem is paramount.” The software enables savings in preparing, publishing and managing employee work schedules, as well as providing tracking and communications tools for improved workflow management.

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