Bid on cool prizes at kidsCODEjeunesse’s online auction

kidsCODEjeunesse is launching an online auction in order to bring more money to its coding programs for public schools. Among the prizes available in the auction are passes to a CAE flight simulator ($600 value), a KCJ Games & Code Party ($400 value), KCJ one-on-one computer programming lessons ($500 value), a Family Membership to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ($110 value) and more.

All bidding will end on Saturday (April 9) at 7:00 PM EST.

Kids Code Jeunesse is a Canadian not for profit organization dedicated to empowering kids, teachers and parents with the skills we all need to thrive in a technology driven society. The organization pays coding teachers to go into schools and teach coding classes to children for free. It also hosts workshops and gives six-hour training sessions for teachers.

For kids seven to 13 years old, Kids Code Jeunesse introduces computational thinking, computational creativity and computer programming to students in Canadian schools and in community centres. The organization uses intuitive open source, free tools like Scratch,Thimble Webmaker and Trinket that work well in a classroom setting

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