Hexoskin ‘Smart’ shatters crowdfunding goal in less than 24 hours

Hexoskin has smashed its crowdfunding goal for its new biometric smart shirt that will connect to popular fitness apps.

The Hexoskin Smart uses a new Bluetooth connector to send activity data directly to fitness apps like Strava, RunKeeper, and Endomondo, on iPhone and Android.

It’s not the first time the startup has turned to crowdfunding to raise cash for a new product, having raised 166 per cent of its target goal back in 2013.

As The Verge’s Lauren Goode pointed out, “This is basically an updated version of a smart shirt that came out before smart shirts were a thing, and it brings it up to speed with other products that have entered the market in the meantime.”

When the Hexoskin classic shirt first came out in 2013, a sensor-filled biometric shirt that tracked your heart rate, breathing rate, activity intensity, and more, it was fuelled through bluetooth 2.1. Until now, the data that emerged could only be shared through Hexoskin’s own app.

“Now the company is making shirts with a Bluetooth 4.1 connector, which will wirelessly connect with popular third-party apps, as well as smartwatches, bike computers, and GPS devices,” wrote The Verge. “The new Bluetooth Smart connector can still be used with older Hexoskin shirts. Hexoskin is also promising double the active battery life with the new system, from 15 hours to 30 hours.”

It also appears that Hexoskin’s fans eagerly bought up it’s was selling. A modest $50,000 goal on Indiegogo was easily surpassed by pledges within 24 hours. It now stands at over $64,500, with 47 days left.

According to Hexoskin, its shirts are the ultimate tools to optimize performance and recovery, whether you’re a high-end athlete, an everyday runner, a cyclist or a casual athlete of any sport. They help analyze sleep efficiency through heart rate, breathing rate, and movement tracking during sleep, while users can get to know more about how the body behaves during various life events, like stressful or exciting situations.

Hexoskin Smart will retail for $299 for the full kit, and is expected to ship in the spring.

The company’s main rival, OMsignal, also made a splash this week when it released a new biometric bra for women.

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