Here’s all the Quebec entrepreneurs vieing for 2015 #NotableAwards

A handful of Quebec entrepreneurs have been nominated for several categories of the 2015 Notable Awards, in Entrepreneurship, Online Business, Advertising, Marketing & Media, Technology, Emerging Startup and Social Entrepreneurship.

The Notable Awards are the work of, which calls itself “the largest online publication for young professional adults (aka: YPs) in Canada.” Launched in 2008, Notable is a blog that covers “all aspects of millennial life including social, professional, and charitable engagements.”

This year, the Notable Awards will give out 32 awards, including one for each of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia/Alberta. Those interested in voting have until January 28 at 10:00 am.

Here’s the main startup and entrepreneurship-related categories you need to know about, and who was nominated in Quebec:


1. Entrepreneurship

AURELIE SAUTHIER – President, Made In


IAN JEFFREY – Co-Founder, Montreal In Technology

AMELIE RICHARD – Studio Associate & VP, Eltoro

NICOLAS URLI – Co-owner, Jatoba, Flyjin, Hà, École Privée

2. Online Business

DANIEL LIEBERMAN – Founder, Cory Vines

JUDITH FETZER – Cofondatrice/CEO, Cook it

NATHALIE PAKBAZ – Founder, Love Nathalie

SABRINA GRASSI – Founder and CEO, Sabrina’s Closet

3. Emerging Startup

ANTOINE DELMAS – Director of Sales & Marketing, OOHLALA Mobile

VIVIANE NGUYEN – Owner, Patisserie Petit Lapin

4. Social Entrepreneurship


MELANIE RICHARDS – Founder, Director and Yoga instructor, HappyTree Yoga Studio

JEAN-SÉBASTIEN NOEL – Co-Founder, La Ruche Quebec

GABRIEL D’AMICO-MAZZA – Founder & Managing Director, Laurus Summer Camp

5. Technology

LEAH JEWER – Co-Founder & Co-Editor in Chief, Girls on Games


JEAN-NICOLAS GUILLEMETTE – General Manager, Quebec, Uber

6. Advertising, Marketing and Media

ANNA-MARIA RETSINAS – Director of Marketing, Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec

PHIL PENALOSA – Creative Director and Co-Founder, Let There Be

ALYSSA LEIBNER – Digital Creative Director & Social Media Manager, Linen Chest

RYAN ANGELO – Co Founder/President, Eat It up Media Inc/My Piece

STEPHANE HUE  – Director of online media, Touche


ANNIKA PANZINI – Owner, Kika Marketing

MELISSA FAGUY – Director of Sales & Marketing, BSC, Inc.

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