Hardbacon to offer ‘the best goddamn investment course ever’

HardbaconJulien Brault and his team at Hardbacon are set to offer a “yawn-free,” guaranteed money-back financial literacy course. They say it will be the “best goddamn investment course ever,” designed to make anyone a self-reliant and confident investor.

To get there the Montreal startup is crowdfunding a target of $10,000 on Ulule.

“Whether you’ve already invested or never touched the stock market, this course is for you,” said Brault, Hardbacon’s CEO. “We need your support and your precious bacon to help make not another boring course about investing, a reality.”

It’s all part of an ambitious 2017 that will see Hardbacon launch a mobile stock-trading app. Brault’s company seeks to both educate the public on stock-trading best practises and empower them to make smart investment choices. They do the latter by providing a robo-advisor comparison tool.

Brault is an outgoing, fun entrepreneur to talk to. Those sentiments rung true in the new promotional video Hardbacon created to hype up the campaign. In it, Brault tells us that educational courses revolving around exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are so boring in the way they’re explained that people quickly forget about them.

“The course is one that we hold very close to our hearts because our mission is to make investing on the stock market accessible to everyone” said Brault, Hardbacon’s CEO. “Our app will make investing 10 times easier than the existing platforms, but you still need to know a little bit about the stock market if you’ve never invested before. To get there, our course will fill the gap for people who know nothing about investment, as well as for those who want to perfect their investing know-how.”

Brault said in the video that the new course is made from employees who “eat excel sheet for breakfast,” or those who are certified financial planners and experts.

The course will include a series of videos in which the Hardbacon team and guest-experts address investment-related topics like RRSPs, portfolio management and stock-picking. It will even show “what small investors can do to influence CEO’s of large enterprises. Not to mention the hilarious anecdotes and a thousand and one tricks to avoid overpaying fees.”

Those interested can pre-order Hardbacon’s course on Ulule for a $50 or more contribution. If any contributor finds their course boring, they will give their money back, thus the “yawn-free” guarantee.

Hardbacon says it’s on a mission to make investing in the stock market simple and profitable for everyone. The company also helps Canadians pick robo-advisors and brokerages through an easy-to-use comparator tool.

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