Fintech app Hardbacon raises $800,000

Julien Brault’s Hardbacon app has raised $800,000 in funding through the use of the FrontFundr Equity Crowdfunding Portal. This amount includes completed investments (about $488,000) and investments in progress (about $322,030).

The crowdfunding campaign will continue until August 8, and will be used to add bank account synchronization to Hardbacon, enabling users to share their financial goals.

The company’s mission is to make stock market investing “simple and profitable for everyone”. For individual investors, Hardbacon’s mobile application links to their investment accounts, analyzes their portfolio, and provides them with data and tools to manage their investments properly, with or without an advisor.

For financial institutions, Hardbacon is a technology provider that enables them to acquire more assets under management from their clients, build loyalty and acquire new qualified customers.

The company recently inked a partnership with Desjardins Online Brokerage and introduced its new product for financial advisors, as well as an online directory of 120,000 financial advisors across Canada.

In addition, Hardbacon plans to launch a platform for financial advisors, allowing them to share the Hardbacon app with their clients. This solution will enable advisors to get a snapshot of their clients’ overall financial situations, while helping them receive a more personalized service.

Brault launched the equity crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr in June with the goal of allowing its clients to invest in the company.

The FrontFundr round of financing allows anyone to become a Hardbacon shareholder for an investment of as little as $99 and up to $10,000, the legal limit for members of the general public.

Check out Brault’s recent Q+A period on Facebook live, in which he takes users all throughout Hardbacon’s fascinating portfolio analysis tools.

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