Fasken publishes centralized COVID-19 information centre

The folks at Fasken, one of the largest business law firms in Canada, are actively publishing a handy, centralized Coronavirus information hub on their website for businesses and individuals.

The COVID-19 information centre includes webinarsbulletins, blogs and links to key trusted information sources.

Along with their centralized hub, Fasken also recently published a useful paper detailing the Government response plan for Canada and the Québec region. The details Fasken has provided will be especially handy for companies and citizens in both financial assistance options and tax measures for both designations.

Fasken Government response plan (Canada-Qc -Ontario-BC)

For example, in the paper one can find financial assistance and tax measures for each of: Montreal, Quebec, and Canada, differentiating between both business and individual.

The hub in particular will be useful for those searching out timely information from any government sources in Canada. As well, it includes world health sources (like the World Health Organisation and the always interesting WorldoMeter COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak).

Finally, Fasken seems to be producing a decent amount of COVID-19 content for the business world. These include updates on key government employment-related announcements, legislative changes and general news.

There’s also a section completely devoted to webinar conferences. Some of the most recent webinars include:

COVID-19: Impact on executing contracts and human resources issues;

Antitrust/Competition, Foreign Investment & Marketing Laws in the Face of COVID-19: Where We Are, Where We Are Going

Understanding Emergency Orders applicable to the Ontario Healthcare System

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