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This next few weeks in Montreal are shaping up to be quite an exciting time: Startup Weekend events in Montreal will address both fashion and fintech, while the folks at Montreal NewTech will team up with Dawson College’s Eweek for their monthly event.

Startup Weekend Montreal – FinTech will be hosted during the November 18 – 20 weekend at Centre Culturel Marocain de Montréal, 515 Avenue Viger E. 

Startup Weekends are entrepreneurial competitions where participants have 54 hours to launch viable business projects reviewed by industry professionals. The weekends typically try to combine action, innovation and education for participants. Startup Weekends commence on Friday evenings with a “pitch fire,” continuing throughout the weekend. Participants build their projects from business plan drafting to prototype. The event concludes on Sunday evening when judges listen to final presentations.


Next weekend’s event will focus specifically on financial technology. One of the event’s organizers, Ilyes El Ouarzadi, said there’s currently around 50 fintech companies in Montreal, an important market “that remains largely untapped.”

“Here in Montreal we have two fintech accelerators, including Ferst Capital, but compared to Toronto or New York we still have a lot of potential and room to grow,” said El Ouarzadi, a senior financial advisor at CIBC who primarily works with SMBs. He previously graduated from HEC Montreal.

His group previously hosted a general-themed Startup Weekend in Montreal in January 2015. This year the team decided to attack a vertical that they felt characterized Montreal, a city where international organizations like Finance Montreal and the International Financial Centre call home.

Julien Brault, a former Les Affaires reporter and current CEO of Hardbacon, will act as the main speaker for the event. Credo’s Christian Bélair will serve as one of the judges as will SharetheBus‘ Jan Christopher Arp and several others. For a full list of the judges and mentors, check out the event page.

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“We’re really excited to host the Ferst Capital mentors and coaches. They’re very knowledgable in fintech and we think they’ll be a great help to the teams. We have Eytan Bensoussan of Ferst Digital, Phillip Barrar from Mylo Financial Technologies and Jonathan Shaannon, CFO of Ferst Capital Partners,” added El Ouarzadi.

But the fintech-themed Startup Weekend won’t be the only one in town in November. This weekend from November 11-13, HEC Montreal will host Startup Weekend Montreal: Fashion.

Meanwhile, Montreal Newtech’s upcoming November 15 event will be held in conjunction with Dawson College’s Entrepreneurship Week (Eweek), a yearly celebration of internet and tech that coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week. Six startups will pitch to the crowd while Juan Schneider of NanoGrande will give a talk. The event will be completely free, but there’s limited tickets left.


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