The Coworker: Le 402 is small but the price is nice

The Coworker is a new weekly series by MTLinTECH that spotlights one Montreal coworking space every Tuesday.Le 402

Le 402 coworking space in the Saint-Simon neighbourhood of Montreal is a small space with few of the modern amenities that some of the glitzy name-brand coworking spaces in Montreal possess. It’s located in a part of town that’s still largely industrial and the closest metro station is a fair walk.

Still, it’s a nice, quiet space where people can get work done for one of the lowest prices we’ve seen thus far.

Le 402’s personable owner, Sylviane Silicani, cultivates a nice vibe around the space that first opened its doors in 2014.

She won’t use words like “adding value,” “leverage” or “MVP.” She’s probably too busy running one her three photography studios, one of which is housed within Le 402. Her other two studios are in Laval and Los Angeles.

Le 402 sits at 8815 Parc ave, which is, unfortunately, just above the autoroute 40 (although interestingly, it’s not the only coworking space we’ve profiled near this stretch of the 40). Silicani understands she’s not only competing with about 25 other coworking spaces scattered around Montreal, but also those who are more centrally located.

Thus, Le 402 offers some attractive offers for those who want to work there. A spot in the coworking space is a cool $225 per month on nothing but a one-month commitment. There are two small, closed offices for rent, one of which goes for $280 per month and another with a window for $320. One of them can be doubled in size to 200 sq ft for $525. They all include wifi, coffee, a keycard with 24/7 access, and the space is protected by alarm system.

Le 402

Le 402

Le 402Le 402About five people work in the space currently, but at times over the past few years there have been up to 15. It mostly attracts web and graphic designers.

Silicani said the aspect her clients like the most is the office hammock, “but people never have time because they’re working.”

More seriously, “they like the fact that there’s a lot of people who can refer and share services. People really like sharing ideas here. They’re running their business and they’re always asking, ‘Would you run this like that?’ Just having another person’s perspective from somebody outside that field is good,” she said.

Having run her photography business for 14 years, S is unsure about the future of Le 402. It could remain as it is, or it could eventually take over more space if her Laval studio takes more of her work. It all depends on demand.

But coworking spaces have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, and Silicani feels her space could be attractive to those living in Laval who want to be on the island for their work.

The space certainly has potential to be bigger and better.

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