Comic Bento delivers a mystery box full of comics to your door

Comic Bento founder Jeff Moss seems like a pretty satisfied guy. After all, he does something for a living that makes a lot of people giddy with excitement every month.

Moss and his team at Comic Bento deliver a box of four to five graphic novels to subscribers every month for the modest sum of (as little as) $17.50. Subscribers get to pick their own package on the website and they’re guaranteed at least $60 worth of content. According to Moss, even if subscribers only enjoy two of the four books they receive, they’re still getting their money’s worth.

“You really don’t have to do anything to enjoy comic bento,” Moss told MTLinTech. “It just shows up and you sit and read it. With four or five books at once, a lot of people read one book a week and by the time they’re done the next Bento is there.”

Comic Bento

Jeff Moss, Comic Bento.

Comic Bento delivers it’s product to thousands of clients every month. The comics are received, packaged and shipped from the team’s Montreal warehouse at the beginning of each month.

Every month on the 15th, the team gets together to select the new theme. The contents of the mystery boxes are always a secret until they’re actually shipped.

“There’s hundreds of unboxing videos out there by people who have done it for reviews or just for fun. People are always surprised by what comes out and there’s always one or two books where they’re like, ‘I saw this in the store but I didn’t have the money to get it,’ or ‘I’ve always wanted to check out this particular character'”

Moss started Comic Bento two years ago after running a comic book shop in Pointe Claire for years, called the 4th Wall. The thing he missed the most was when clients would come in the shop wondering what was hot that week.

“Comic Bento became a kind of extension of that, where it’s like going into a store and having the guy behind the counter hand you four to five graphic novels and being like, ‘Take these,'” said Moss.

Moss simply wanted to reproduce the love of reading comics from the days of The 4th Wall. Now it’s carrying over to Comic Bento. In terms of actual comic-creation experience, the team has been producing, printing and distributing two of the top five web comics for the last 15 years, according to Moss.

“We know how to make comics. It’s our lives. It’s a pretty cool transition to take something like Comic Bento and use that as a platform to share it with people,” said Moss.

Comic Bento

With business going smoothly for Comic Bento, Moss recently launched a sister company called Board Game Bento, which costs $50 per month. That service provides tabletop games or card games.

Over the past year, Comic Bento has grown from 12 to 30 people, and Moss is hard at work trying to produce a third Bento: Kids Bento, for younger comic book readers.

“Our plan is ‘more and better’ – more Bentos, better Bentos, better service, better everything, just so we can be as good as we can be and our clients can enjoy it as much as humanly possible.”

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