Argentinian startups tour city with Enablis StartUp Immersion Program

Three growing Argentinian startups were the raison d’être yesterday evening at an event put on by Montreal International and Enablis, the Montreal-based non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets.

The startups, all of which are based in Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires, have impressive accolades on their resumes. One launched at Techcrunch Disrupt while the other two have paying customers and offices in multiple countries.

The trio of entrepreneurs at the showcase event were Miguel Morkin, cofounder and CEO of Sirena, a mobile CRM solution; Luciana Reznik, CEO of Wolox, a software and IoT development company; and Gaston Silberman, cofounder of Tril, a social recommendations network.

The entrepreneurs will also attend FounderFuel’s Demo Day as well as Montreal’s annual Startupfest this week.

Silberman, a 45-year-old founder who loves his home city of Buenos Aires, told us his company was venture funded by Silicon Valley investors after its late 2015 launch at Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Tril is a social recommendations network that allows users to discover movies, TV shows, music, restaurants and more from people they trust. Silberman told MTLinTECH that it’s almost the anti-Yelp, where reviews and rankings are ultimately given by people you’ve never met. Users of Tril can apply a “trust” button to various subjects that a friend has recommended.

“But you probably have lots of friends where you love their taste in movies but not necessarily their taste in foods, so you would only ‘trust’ those categories you want to,” said Silberman. In this way, people can get a pretty accurate list of things that should match their preferences.

Silberman said the app has about 20,000 users, about half of which are everyday users.


Miguel Morkin, a 29-year-old CEO, is in Montreal to pitch Sirena, an intelligent sales solution for distributed sales teams. Sirena helps small and medium-sized businesses “make the most of every sale opportunity through Mobile technology.”

Fourteen people work for the company in offices in Argentina and Brazil. The startup has more than 35 stores and 300 active paying users from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Miguel’s solution to poor CRM systems was to launch a Client management MobileSolution that “guarantees maximum efficiency turning potential clients into sales.”

Finally, the CEO of Wolox, Luciana Reznik, was also on hand to pitch her software development company which provides advice, development and management of software projects. Reznik is part of the Board of Members of South American Business Forum and a founding member of YN1K, the international entrepreneurial community that aims to build startup ecosystems around the world. She has participated as a judge in NASA Space Apps and co-organized the Global Students Entrepreneurship Awards in Buenos Aires (GSEA) twice.


Wolox has offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami.

Enablis is the Canadian not-for-profit organization that put on the event. It’s mission is to support local SME entrepreneurs who create jobs in developing and emerging countries, leading to sustainable economic development. Created in 2003 by Quebec entrepreneur Charles Sirois and Accenture, and with the support of the Canadian Government, Enablis has helped over 2,400 entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Africa and Argentina over the last 13 years.

“In Argentina, Enablis is focusing on innovative entrepreneurs with existing or early stage businesses that have the potential to expand internationally,” said managing director Rose Vervenne, who pointed out that “Argentina is quickly turning into an innovation and technology hub in Latin America.”

Overall, the program will connect the three entrepreneurs with Startupfest, early-stage Venture Capital firms, networking sessions with local entrepreneurs and meetings with potential partners and clients.

Next year Vervenne is hopeful to extend the Enablis Startup Immersion Program to more member-entrepreneurs of the Enablis Entrepreneurial Network in Africa and Latin America.

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