Workmode: Mikael Cho of Unsplash reveals the secret to his success

Welcome to Workmode, the podcast from our friends at Dynamo. 

You may have heard the buzz about the coworking space that opened in the architecturally stunning former Royal Bank headquarters last year. You may also have come across, recognized, or even used photos from the free photo website Unsplash. Mikael Cho is the co-founder of both Crew (the startup that so graciously opened its office doors to the public as the Crew Collective & Cafe) and Unsplash, which he chose to focus on when Crew was sold to Dribbble earlier this year.

In this episode, Cho reveals the secret to his success, and how a heightened sense of awareness and drive, rather than serendipity got him to where he is today. He explains why transparent communications and trust are so crucial in his industry, and how an attention to ‘detail’ in design could be better translated as an attention to people.




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