WMNinTECH Magaly Charbonneau joins iNovia Capital as principal

One of our WMNinTECH, and one of the Boardlist’s top Canadian women in tech, has just been hired as a principal at local venture firm iNovia Capital.

Magaly Charbonneau is making the transition from Intel Corp, where she led business development strategy for True Key Worldwide and operations for PasswordBox, a password security platform she invested in and served as COO. Intel acquired PasswordBox in 2014.

An entrepreneur and investor with about 25 years of experience, Magaly was also a member of Anges Québec‘s angel investment network between 2009 and 2016. She will work with iNovia’s investment team and portfolio companies from the firm’s headquarters in Montréal.

“After 25 years building companies at the operations level I felt it was a great timing to continue bringing value to great high tech companies at the strategic level and board level,” Magaly told MTLinTECH. “I want to invest in great companies and help entrepreneurs become the market leaders in their space.”

Managing Partner Chris Arseneault announced the addition of Magaly via a blog post released today.

“At iNovia, we have a few first time VCs on our team,” writes Arseneault. “These individuals match many of our founders in their unbridled trust in the unknown; they are often less biased from personal experience and more revolutionary in their processes. They often share with our founders a culture, and perspectives on technology. On the other end of the spectrum, our team includes many highly seasoned VCs; individuals who have been on the investment side for 5 to 10 or more years, with operational experience as a rich but more distant subtext to their decision-making. These individuals bring depth of thought and networks of relationships that are truly unparalleled.”

“In the balance is the investor who is fresh from corporate experience — in touch with the daily rhythms of startup culture, and with recent memory of specific technical and business challenges. This investor is the truest peer to our founders. I’ve thought for many years, that if I could convince one of my oldest and most respected acquaintances, Magaly Charbonneau, to join iNovia, that we would have precisely this valuable addition to our investment team — and in Magaly, so very much more.”

“And so I am pleased to announce that, after having been an Advisor, a Co-Investor, and LP in iNovia Fund 2015, Magaly will join the team full-time as Principal on October 23rd. As an investor, a founder, and a mentor to many in the Quebec startup scene, Magaly brings a rare mix of passion and purpose that will serve to inspire the next generation of legendary startups to spring from our community.”

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Arseneault details her involvement and investment strategy at PasswordBox, and states that her vision of investment is one with iNovia’s: that is, that investment is primarily about great relationships.

“Even as Magaly’s own startup was acquired by Intel, she stayed connected to the rich and dynamic startup scene in Montreal. Since 2016, she has held the role of Director for AddÉnergie Technologies Inc.; Canada’s leading player in smart charging stations. She has mentored startups through FounderFuel, participates as a Steering Committee Member for the AI Cluster/Montreal, and is an Associate at the Creative Destruction Lab.”

He concludes the post saying that by staying in “startup mode” as an investment team, iNovia is better positioned to respond to the needs of our dynamic and growing startup community.

“Magaly has shown her commitment to staying nimble and curious, and it is a big part of why I am happy to welcome her to iNovia.”