WATCH: Dynamic/MTL’s ‘​Creative Duos & Collaboration’

Dynamic/MTL is offering viewers a live stream as it presents the 9th edition of its conference. The live stream begins at 5:40 pm EST while the conference is being held at Montreal’s Centre Phi.

Dynamic/MTL is a series of events for Montreal’s creative community, hosted every three months. The conference invites guest speakers from the digital interactive industry to talk about their projects. It has held nine successful events, hosting 29 speakers
and over 2,700 attendees.

From Charles and Ray Eames to Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, to Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen, Dynamic/MTL says the myth of the lone creative genius is difficult to sustain. Thus, the Montreal-based creative event is inviting creative pairs to share their experiences. “From the closeness and trust that can develop between like minded collaborators, to the occasional  tensions that can arise in balancing diverse talents and interests,” wrote Dynamic/MTL.

Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree, a design couple based in Brooklyn, will speak at the event. The couple gained notoriety through their “beautifully quirky” Complements photo portrait series.

Sobierajski is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in New York City. She combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art and styling. Her work ranges from conventional identities to “brilliantly bizarre compositions.” Jeffree is an Australian native who works as a designer and art director.

They’ll be joined by Montreal directing duo Melissa Matos and Emmanuel Mauriès-Rinfret, who specialize in “conceptual art direction” and video creation for fashion brands and musicians. They create under the moniker “Mauriès Matos.”

Matos is an image creator. A Montreal native, she has spent the last six years in London working as a director on special projects for brands, across mediums such as film, photography, installations and music videos. She is the cofounder of the creative studio Trusst.

Mauriès-Rinfret’s work is experiential and often generated by elements of illusion and trompe l’oeil. He studied in Canada and Korea, where he developed principles of graphic design, programming and “recontextualizing environments.”

Tickets for the event tonight cost $20.

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