Ulule Tour Quebec doubles in size and returns to Montreal for the finale

Ulule, one of Quebec’s leading crowdfunding sources, has brought back their Ulule Tour Quebec, and it’s stopping off in Montreal this week.

The tour, an on-the-road celebration of creation, is stopping off in 12 cities in Quebec, and with Sherbrooke on October 4th. Montreal is the final destination on November 15th at the Ulule offices on St. Laurent (5248).

Both the Quebec and Montreal stops are full-day affairs, including a variety of workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities.

“This year’s programming has pretty much doubled in size and scope,” Thomas Sychterz, Executive Director Ulule Canada told MTLinTECH. “In 2015 Ulule did 7 cities that were mostly within two hours of Montreal. For our 2017 edition, we really wanted to hit up the province of Quebec as a whole, so we planned 12 cities, ranging from Laval, through Saguenay and even Rimouski.”

The Ulule team also noticed that awareness and knowledge of startups has increased dramatically since 2015. If the goal the first year was to get to know the Quebec startup landscape and give an overview of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, this time around the objective is more ambitious: to create a real dialogue with key thought leaders and entrepreneurs across the whole province, and to offer real tangible value in terms of crowdfunding expertise.

“The knee-jerk reaction the past few years when someone said crowdfunding in Canada was to directly associate it to Kickstarter. That’s been rapidly changing, thankfully. As a person who’s launched a pretty significant crowdfunding campaign on KS back in 2013 (before I even heard about Ulule), I can tell you that it’s no surprise we’ve been going through 100% year to year growth.”

“We’ve noticed that project creators are really getting their hands dirty and preparing themselves thoroughly when launching a new product of service. It’s not strictly about raising some cash or pre-selling items, but more globally: how do I create a crowdfunding campaign that becomes impactful, and how does it tie into my day to day pre-during-post?”

Ulule has teamed up with partners such as the SAJE, Robic, 1642 Sodas, Papillons Associés and Banque Nationale to create six different workshops as well as a panel afterwards to answer the various legal, accounting, banking and general business questions people might have when launching a new crowdfunding project.

“[This event] is for anyone who is in the process of launching an entrepreneurial or creative project. It could be early on, students that have started playing around with ideas and want to get more information about financing options, and how to go about it. It could be a solid up-and-running startup that is introducing a brand new product to its market and would want to gauge demand in pre-sale mode. It could be a full time long-standing government employee that has been prototyping a funky new gadget for the past 10 years and would want to finally make his dream a reality. Given the formula, there’s an opportunity for someone whose new to all startup-y things to get a high level overview of crowdfunding, and an opportunity for the ultra-connaisseur to get some crunchy tips.”

You can gain free access to all the workshops and the panel for free here. You can sign up separately for the panel and networking event for free here.

“We’re not just an online portal, we’re on the field with project creators, grinding it out, which is why nobody in the industry comes even close to our 68% success rate over 20,000 projects.”

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