Transit users can now use the app to hail Teo Taxis

A pair of Montreal-based mobility startups are teaming up so that users of the Transit app will be able to book Teo Taxi trips.

Transit’s Téo integration allows riders to sign up, request a ride, track its progress, and pay the driver—all within Transit. If a rider is travelling to or from the airport, they can even pick between different Téo models, including Tesla’s Model S.

“The partnership between Transit and Téo will empower Montrealers to choose electric vehicles when they’ve decided to take a taxi,” said Dominique Lemay, CEO of Téo Taxi. “Transit does a great job connecting its riders with real­time public transit information, but in some situations, riders need an alternative. With our all­electric fleet, professional drivers, and free in­ride WiFi, Téo is a great one.”

Transit is an app that helps people plan trips through public transit, bikeshare, carshare, ridehail, and more. The STM officially endorses Transit, while millions of monthly trips are made on the app by people around the world.

Teo Taxi is an all electric fleet of taxis, and has facilitated close to 15 million kilometres of carbon­-free trips since its inception.The partnership now gives another option to the hundreds of thousands of Montrealers who depend on Transit for their daily commuting decisions.

“Transit firmly believes that the best way to reduce dependence on personal vehicles is to ensure people have many options for getting around without their own car,” said Transit CEO Sam Vermette. “By giving users the ability to instantly order a Téo without even leaving our app, we’ll help more Montrealers discover Téo and take their first trip.”

With Transit, you can see all your options in one place, letting you make the best choice for every leg of your journey. In Montreal, that means users can find the nearest BIXI station, buy a pass, and unlock a bike. Users can track and plan trips for bus and Métro, or find and book the closest carshare, from both Auto­mobile and car2go. And now, they can use Téo too.

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