Tomorrow is the deadline to participate in HackCité375 to create a living selfie of Montreal

Tomorrow, May 17th, is the deadline to apply to HackCité375.

HackCité375 is a hackathon resulting from a multidisciplinary artistic approach in order to leave a digital legacy to the city of Montreal as part of its 375th anniversary.

Over the weekend of May 26-28, participants will come together to form multidisciplinary teams to create the concept of a digital art piece, and the winners will join one of the three partner companies (Dix2, Pixsenses, La Boîte Interactive) to actually bring it to life. The three themes are as follows: Digital Artefact: a physical object blending art and technology; Interactive projection: a projection or mapping allowing interactivity; VR/AR: allow us to celebrate #375MTL in an immersive environment.

This hackathon is organized by Digital Spring, Project A144, Pixsenses, Desjardins Lab and Montreal NewTech; In collaboration with the Festival Chromatic, Dix2, and La Boîte Interactive.

“This hackathon was inspired first by the willingness to say thanks. Thanks to Montréal for being such an awesome place to live and launch startups, and thanks to all our communities for contributing countless hours to build our great and fast maturing ecosystem,” Ilias Benjelloun, Creative Director of MontrealNewTech told MTLinTECH. “But it also came from the observation that innovation usually comes out of the ability to see problems differently, to develop ‘lateral thinking’; and that only comes through changing perspectives and getting to know other fields. That’s why we built this hackathon at the the crossroads of arts + design + tech, not only to create a Digital Selfie of of Montréal 375th, but create links and foster collaborations between these different communities to hopefully nurture better entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Teams will have the chance to win cash prizes ranging from $800-1400 and can finalize their project in residence with one of the three partner companies (Dix2,Pixsenses, La Boîte Interactive), until the 35h (value of several thousands of dollars!).

“For the first step, we are looking for people with ideas of what a ‘Digital Selfie of #375MTL’ could be. We are obviously looking to welcome students and professionals in computational arts, developers, designers, and artists, but anyone interested to actually contribute to the celebration of the 375th anniversary of Montréal is welcomed.”

 “I really care deeply about this kind of project. It comes back to the roots of what a hackathon is: a gathering of citizens from diverse backgrounds and skill who come together, learn, share, create, and build some cool creative stuff. I really can’t wait to see what the creative minds of Montreal can come up with, especially as we have the awesome opportunity to have 3 companies who are going to be the patrons to help move the projects from concepts to digital art-pieces!”

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