The four startups selected to InnoCité

The tech startup accelerator with a focus on improving the city of Montreal has selected four teams to its third and newest cohort.

InnoCité MTL today announced that, City Parking, Give-A-Seat and We Grab It will participate in the 12-week program.

It’s been more than a year after InnoCité first launched. With this new cohort the program said it’s “expanding its horizons”, adding urban innovation startups from sectors other than those of the Montreal Smart and Digital City action plan which remain the accelerator’s priority.

Here’s the four startups in detail: uses artificial intelligence to create a 3D real-time index of urban environments, making open data actionable by citizens, cities and businesses.

CityParking is a SaaS platform providing modular white label solutions to solve parking. The Mobile app lets spot owners rent their driveways and private parking spots by the hour to drivers who can book weeks in advance with the flexibility to cancel a day before.

The startup soft-launched last month and now has the support of Councillor Guillaume Lavoie of Rosemont, who has “positively supported the concept of parking sharing.”

“We are excited and proud to have been chosen to participate in InnoCité MTLs 3rd Cohort,” said CityParking’s founder, Amin Dada. “It’s a real pleasure to be able to work with corporate partners and experienced mentors based in our home town. InnoCité MTL is a start-up accelerator that directly addresses the needs of city dwellers, which in our case is the urgent need to solve parking.”

Give-a-Seat is a charity platform that sells tickets at a good price, for a good cause. Give-a-Seat democratizes access to events and creates a new source of revenue for charities by selling tickets donated by the events’ organizers or their sponsors.

We Grab It says it discovered that tons of objects or materials are thrown away everyday around the world for no reasonable reason when they could be recycle or reused for someone who needs it.

“After just one year InnoCité MTL has managed to establish itself at the heart of Montreal’s startup ecosystem,” said the program’s general manager, Béatrice Couture.

“The Montreal Smart and Digital City project welcomes the creativity and vibrancy that characterize the Montreal startup community,” added Harout Chitilian, VP of the executive committee, in charge of administrative reform, smart city initiatives and information technology. “These same qualities led to the recognition of the Greater Montreal as Intelligent Community of the Year last June. The contribution by… InnoCité MTL’s mentorship program clearly illustrates our commitment to openness and our hope for the development of innovative projects which will improve the lives of Montrealers.”

Criteria for selection included the quality of the business plan, the potential for growth as well as the relevance to the urban challenges addressed by the six priority programs of the Montreal Smart and Digital City 2015-2017 Action Plan: public Wi-Fi, ultra high-speed multiservice network, smart city economic cluster, smart mobility, participatory democracy and digital public services.

InnoCité MTL receives financial assistance from the Government of Quebec through Entente Montréal 2015, administered by the Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine. Several organisations also provide funding, including TELUS, Desjardins, Pages Jaunes, and GE Lighting, as sponsors of InnoCité MTL and Real Ventures, Pages Jaunes and Quebecor, as investors in program participating startups.

The program does not invest in startups upon entry to the program, nor does it take any equity.


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