Startupfest wants to fly you to Montreal on a private jet with some fine company

Startupfest has secured a private jet to fly some big names to the annual summer bash in Montreal, and it wants one startup to climb aboard.

That’s right: the fest’s platinum partner Quebecor Media has given them the use of a private jet to fly Dave McClure (500 Startups), Kara Swisher (Re/code), Alexis Ohanian (founder of Reddit), Tim O’Reilly (president of O’Reilly media) and Ooshma Garg (Gobble).

The winning startup will join the Silicon Valley big-wigs on a six-hour flight from San Francisco to Montreal on July 13, as well as receive a slot to pitch on stage at Startupfest alongside 11 other startups.

Private jet

Private jet

So how does one get on the flight? Fill out this form and tell Startupfest- in a video of sixty seconds or less- why you’re the best founder to grab a seat on the jet. The contest closes Sunday, May 22, or at 500 submissions- whichever comes first.

For those local startups already rooted in Montreal, Startupfest said it still wants them to apply. They’ll need to find their way to San Francisco if they win, but it sounds like the return flight may be worth it.

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