Six startups from Montreal Founder’s Institute nominated for the Global 2016 Graduate Awards

On May 22-24 at the FounderX event, a private gathering of the Founder Institute’s Global network, the winners of the 2016 Graduate Awards will be announced in celebration of the founders that made significant progress in the past year.

Six of the startups nominated are from the Montreal Founder Institute chapter, and include:

– Unito (Marc Boscher): Best in Canada
Hykso (Khalil Zahar): Best in Canada, Hardware/IoT, Health/Fitness
The FoodRoom (Amé Morency): Best Woman CEO & in Canada
Bridgr (Amira Boutouchent): Best Woman CEO & in Canada, Best EnterpriseTech
Logrr (Julien Denaes): Best in Canada, Best in EnterpriseTech

“For years, Toronto and Waterloo were leaders in Canada, producing great <born global> startups due to the presence of entrepreneurial institutions like MaRs, DMZ and Communitech,” Sergio Escobar, Managing Director of the Founder Institute Montreal chapter told MTLinTECH. “Founder Institute allowed Montrealers to have the resources, mentors, Silicon Valley training, and global outreach very much needed in the Quebec ecosystem to match Ontario. In less than 3 years, Montreal early stage startups are taking pole position in the Canadian ecosystem and a leading presence worldwide. We should be proud and support our startups keep growing.”

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped talented entrepreneurs launch over 2000 businesses across six continents. These graduates raised over $100 million in funding in 2016.

“We’re really happy to be nominated by Founder Institute! The folks at FI HQ have been instrumental to our success, including introducing us to our first investors from Silicon Valley,” Marc Boscher, founder and CEO of Unito told MTLinTCH. ” What they’re doing for entrepreneurship on a world-wide scale is amazing!”

While all of the startups nominated have taken impressive strides in the past year, their hard work is far from over.

“Although I’m super flattered to be nominated, I’m not sure I or any of us deserve an award yet as the hardest part is yet to come,” Khalil Zahar, founder and CEO of Hykso told MTLinTECH. Their wearable punch trackers are now shipping worldwide.

Be sure to cast your vote on who you think should win the 2016 Graduate Awards. Voting closes May 19th.

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