Re-Work Deep Learning Summit brings together academic and corporate sectors

What with all the recent news about Montreal AI labs from Facebook, Samsung, and Stradigi, it seems like a good time to get together and discuss the latest breakthroughs and most recent advancements in the field of machine learning.

Today and tomorrow experts and pioneers will gather at the Re-Work Machine Learning Summit at the Hyatt Regency in Montreal. Professionals from the academic and corporate sector alike will spend two full days learning, discussing, and connecting.

“We have held Deep Learning Summits annually in London, San Francisco and Boston for the past 4 years. We’ve also extended this to other areas such as Singapore for the last 2 years as well,” Katie Pollitt, one of the Montreal organizers told MTLinTECH.

“Our focus is on rapidly advancing technologies which will impact business and society. The events cover the latest advancements in deep learning technology and also ways in which the technology is being applied across various industries. Canada was brought to our attention, especially with Montreal being named the new Silicon Valley of Deep Learning. After discussing with Yoshua Bengio as well as the Montreal Tourism Board, we decided to host our first Canadian event in Montreal, which will be followed by a 2018 summit taking place in Toronto.”

Speakers and thought leaders will include Yoshua Bengio from Université de Montréal, Yann Lecun, Director of AI Research at Facebook, and Joelle Pineau, the professor at McGill University heading up the new Facebook lab.

The summit is split into two tracks, one focused on research advancements and one focused on the business applications.

“The first [track] will focus on the latest research advancements from leading academics and industry experts, whereas the second [track] will focus on the business applications from leading companies and innovative new startups who are adopting deep learning methods to change the way their business is run. How this can be applied across different teams within a company internally and across different industries to create a more accurate, efficient and manageable workforce. The two tracks will join together for a plenary session to hear from deep learning pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton. Each will give a keynote presentation and will then join together for a panel session to end Day 1.”

Because of the format of the summit, it provides a chance to connect professionals across sectors, and brings academics and people from the tech sector together.

“We offer the unique chance to join together with industry experts, leading academics and revolutionary startups as well as investors and potential partners to help people work together to produce the most advancing technology possible. With a mix of panel sessions, presentations and workshops, there are many opportunities to broaden your knowledge in the area and also consider how your team or organisation can adopt these methods.”

There will be various networking opportunities as both tracks will share coffee and lunch breaks and there will be a networking drinks session at the end of Day 1.

Both tracks of the Machine Learning Summit are sharing a space with the Women in Machine Intelligence Dinner following Day 2 of the summit.

“As an all female team, we love to encourage the work of women working within the tech space. We try to include female speakers within all of our agendas and we will also be hosting the Women in Machine Intelligence Dinner following Day 2 of the summit. This will give a unique opportunity to connect with people in the space (it is open to everyone supporting women in tech, male or female, and is also not just for attendees, so there will be a different network of people) as well as hear more from a select few women working on machine intelligence technology in a more informal setting over a 3 course dinner.”

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