Perceptual Display Leader IRYStec Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Montreal based IRYStec has announced that it has joined NVIDIA’s Inception Program. Essentially a
partner ecosystem program, NVIDA selects partners that help drive demand for graphics rendering, with the hope being that this market growth boosts sales of NVIDA high performance GPUs.  In exchange, the program provides 5 key advantages to its partners:

  1. Deep learning expertise and access to NVIDIA’s global ecosystem—a large network of deep learning experts and thought leaders.
  2. GPU hardware discounts, giving startups the ability to try the latest software and get early access to new state-of-the-art technology.
  3. The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute shares the latest techniques in designing, training, and deploying neural network-powered machine learning in applications.
  4. Marketing support including blogs, podcasts, event support and videos.
  5. Consideration for investment from NVIDIA’s GPU Ventures.

For those of you who don’t already know IRYStec, they are a world leader in perceptual display processing technology working with a variety of OEMs, most notably in the automotive sector but in other industries too. This isn’t the auto brightness feature many of you already have on your phone. But instead IRYStec actually studied the way people’s eyes work in different demographics and in different kinds of light.

“We bring the effect of perception on our vision and how we see things into the display world. Today displays are designed basically for room lighting” says Simon Morris, CEO at IRYStec. He explained that the way content is traditionally displayed on a screen is optimized for the eyes of a 25yr old male, and for a specific type of lighting. “Of course, we are not all in the same lighting all the time and certainly not all 25 years old. How your eyes work is as unique as unique as the shoes that fit you”.

We’ve all checked our phones before leaving the house on a sunny day. Then the next time we check them, once outside, we have to adjust the brightness so we can read the display properly. And many phones now do this automatically. But that’s not what IRYStec offers its customers.

“The device isn’t doing anything specifically to help you see in the dark or the light.  We adjust the content to match how your eyes really work in bright light or in the dark” Morris told MTLinTech. “That has become a safety issue in cars. Displays are taking over the entire dash in some cases. And you can’t simply drive your car into the shade every time the sun is shining on the display and you can’t read it. You’ve got to be able to do something to address that, and that’s where out technology comes into play, and it’s why we’re getting adopted so quickly in automotive”.

Adjusting the brightness of a screen does not change the colour, contrast, saturation or hue of the content it displays. Whereas IRYStec does exactly that in order to make the content appear without it actually being brighter. This concept is known as perceived brightness, and helps optimize content for the eye in any light. Perhaps most importantly for divers, it helps minimize distraction and ensure they can take in the information they need while they’re at the wheel.

For IRYStec, who’s software already runs on NVDIA processors, this program was a natural fit.  It brings the company earlier access to new processor tech and discounts on NVIDIA products.  “in addition to that, we’ll be providing our technology for demonstration purposes to NVIDIA. So NVIDIA essentially acts as another channel for IRYStec, and they’ll be promoting our technology.” This in turn brings IRYStec additional credibility in the market and helps with lead generation.

The proof is in the pudding. The company now has 21 full time and 13 part time employees, plus sales offices in India, Japan, Korea, the US and Germany. They’ll also be heading to CES in Las Vegas in early January where they hope to make public an agreement they’ve signed with a European automaker who has contracted IRYStec to use their technology in its cars starting in early 2020.


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