Nuit Blanche Comes to Notman House

Check your calendars. This year February has 29 days.

You’ll probably need something to do to fill all that extra time. Luckily the organisers of Nuit Blanche have your back. This leap-year oddity is the date of Montreal’s annual night time winter festival, featuring over 200 different events in 2020, ranging from “interesting” to downright awesome.

As if you needed further proof that the startup scene in Montreal is slowly taking over the city, this year Notman House is getting in on the nocturnal action!  One of the city’s principal startup hubs has 4 events on offer from 6PM to 1AM.

First, “William’s Studio” offers a tribute to the photographer William Notman, for whom the place is named. It’s an art piece that bonds together the House’s past and present. Born from the collaboration of OSMO, Notman House, Nathalie Hazan as artistic director, Yannick B.
Gélinas as Producer; Francis Aubin and Alain Lefort.

Second, for a $50 fee Nordiq Wine Tasting offers you a sensory journey of passion and good wine. Sparkling, orange, natural or organic included! Meet passionate winemakers during an intimate evening hosted by Sommelier Nordiq.

Next, “Laboratoire de l’hiver” features some of the most popular outdoor winter games. Clark Street will be closed
between Sherbrooke and Milton, and fully equipped to play.

Last but not least, a guided tour of the grand dame of Quebec’s innovation hubs is the perfect opportunity to unravel the many mysteries behind this old house, which hosts over 600 events a year.

For more information or tickets, follow this link and discover the incredible 175 year of history of this house.

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