Final details revealed for ResolveTO, roadtrips from MTL, NYC, OTT

Big news on the Startupfest front.

The organization behind Montreal’s Startupfest today released the final details for ResolveTO, and announced a planned joint roadtrip with Real Ventures. Finally, Startupfest also revealed the theme for Startupfest 2017.

Details about ResolveTO include a list of speed dating participants as well as specific competitions and prizes.

“We’ve created a series of zones with defined challenges,” Startupfest founder Phil Telio told MTLinTECH. “Some of the challenges are financially based, some are specific tasks; the city of Toronto has a challenge to create a bot to meet the needs of community engagement.”

Other challenges will involve POS solutions: “There will be an actual real tangible prize for each challenge.”

In an effort to mimic the influx of people to Montreal’s Startupfest, the organization is comissioning several “roadtrips” from New York, Montreal and Ottawa.

Real Ventures and Share the Bus will take care of Montreal’s roadtrip. Per Startupfest, “Montrealers can hop on board a bus to Toronto and get a great deal on tickets and travel combined! Bus leaves Montreal on Jan. 25th and returns the evening of Jan. 27th.”

The agenda for the Montreal roadtrip will include networking activities, curated talks and Q&A (Selling to Enterprise; Trends analysis in Enterprise Software and Winning Enterprise KPIs for Investors), pitches from Canada’s top enterprise startups and more.

“We’re playing on our theme because everything in life requires a little bit of luck,” said Telio.

The theme for this coming July’s Startupfest was also announced. The theme is a reflection on the proverbial “Lucky Sevens,” playing off the fact that it is the festival’s seventh year.

“We’re playing on our theme because everything in life requires a little bit of luck,” said Telio. “Success is often driven by capitalizing on good luck, not just having it; you have to execute a plan. Bad luck is something you try to engineer so it doesn’t happen, but sometimes you’re just dealt a bad hand.”

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