Montreal video streaming company Haivision acquires Denver-based competitor Teltoo

Montreal-based enterprise video streaming company Haivision is acquiring Teltoo, a Denver, Colorado-based competitor.

Haivision’s focus remains on scalable, low latency, cloud-connected live video streaming for enterprises. The company provides more than 25,000 organizations globally with video solutions that help them stream broadcast-quality, low-latency video.

Teltoo focuses on peer-to-peer (P2P) and WebRTC enabled real-time video delivery.  

Haivision works out of the Technoparc in Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The company says the acquisition allows the company to apply its machine learning and AI capabilities against real-time network analytics to optimize complete edge-to-edge low latency video workflows. 

Focused on scalable and sustainable internet delivery, Teltoo’s technology incorporates P2P, WebRTC, and advanced real-time network analytics to optimize video delivery for operators, media companies, and enterprises. The advanced P2P algorithms, enabled by WebRTC for ubiquitous low latency browser support, reduce the reliance on CDN distribution to individual playerseliminating buffering. Haivision will integrate the Teltoo technology across its products to deliver the highest quality viewer experience to audiences around the world. 

The Teltoo acquisition comes eight months after the company acquired LightFlow Media Technologies S.L. 

Haivision has additional R&D offices in Portland, Chicago, and Hamburg. 

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