Mnubo selected to provide its SmartObjects data analytics to Japanese smart home market

Montreal-based mnubo has been selected to provide its SmartObjects data analytics solution to Japan-based service providers iTSCOM and Connected Design.

iTSCOM, a service provider, and Connected Design, a smart product joint venture between iTSCOM of Tokyu Group, Fujitsu Cloud Technologies Limited of the Fujitsu Group, and the Tokyu Corporation, will use SmartObjects to gain actionable insights from their smart home deployment base. In early 2015, iTSCOM and Connected Design launched Intelligent HOME, a smart home service based in Japan.

“In North America, the smart home market is largely driven by home security,” Charles Marsh, Head of Sales and Business Development at mnubo told MTLinTech. “In Japan, the housing market is dominated by condos which tend to already feel secure, so there is a much lower number of households having a security system. Convenience and peace-of- mind is more popular in Japan, with an increasing demand for connected door-locks, video monitoring and activity alerts to enable apartment access flexibility for families, holiday-makers, etc.”

mnubo has enjoyed success in the smart home market with early adoption by some of the leading smart equipment manufacturers such as Icontrol, whose home automation and home security platforms have been enabling services for multiple-system operators (MSOs) such as Comcast (XFINITY Home), Cox (Homelife), Charter (Intelligent Home), Rogers (Smart Home Monitoring) and iTSCOM/Connected Design (Intelligent HOME).

“The Icontrol and mnubo partnership provided exposure to Connected Design Inc. and iTSCOM (April 2016) and within a few months, mnubo was selected for a ‘data discovery’ project, to take place over a five month period, for an agreed scope of smart home use cases with the opportunity to uncover new insights. The project was executed and resulted in a two year agreement to automate a number of key insights that are valuable to iTSCOM’s Intelligent.”

mnubo is committed to further investing in the Japanese market, and have recently invested in expanding their team in-country.

“Mnubo is actively working on a number of Industrial IoT projects in Japan as companies look to digitally transform their heavy industrial equipment.”

mnubo has previously partnered with companies like Hortau, Buzz Connect, and Grain Systems to bring IoT services to different industries like agriculture and farming. mnubo also raised a $6 million Series A round in May 2015.

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