Local Logic partners with Centris to bring open source data to house hunting

Finding a home isn’t just about price. Neighborhood, proximity to public transit, and nighttime noise levels all heavily influence prospective renters and buyers.

A partnership between Montreal startup Local Logic and property listing website Centris.ca will provide a comprehensive picture of properties, facilitating the lives of buyers and brokers.

The partnership will provide a comprehensive environmental portrait of the areas where the properties are listed. This includes information about modes of transportation, accessibility to services, sources of sound, a lit of nearby businesses, coffee shops, restaurants, and more.

Since 2014 Local Logic has been collecting, cleaning, and combining data to help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to location. Developing algorithms that permit the combination of hundreds of sources giving geospatial data, they are able to quantify all relevant location information while performing real estate searches.

Centris is a technology company offering a variety of innovative tools for real estate professionals. One of these tools, Centris.ca, brings together properties for sale and rent in the Montreal, Quebec, and Gatineau regions with Quebecois brokers.

“We are delighted to partner with Centris, which attests to all the potential, power and relevance of data location within the domain of housing,” Local Logic CPO and Co-founder Gabriel Damant-Sirois said in a press release. “In focusing on the most pertinent information for them, the buyers do not waste their time. They are able to make the best decisions in their research and will be put in contact with brokers who offer properties which best correspond to their needs.”

“Centris is very proud to become the first partner of Local Logic in Quebec,” President of Centris Éric Charbonneau said in the press release. “We always wish to offer quality tools to brokers to better serve their clients, whether they are buyers or sellers.”

With so much open source data at their fingertips, prospective buyers now don’t have to wait until the deed is signed to discover that pesky nightclub down the street.

Photo credit: Eva Blue http://evablue.com/

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