Lightspeed brings cloud-based tech to five notable new restaurants in Canada and the US

Lightspeed, the cloud-based commerce solution for independent businesses headquartered in Montreal, has announced five new restaurant customers in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Minneapolis, and Malibu.

The new customers include:

  • Agrikol – A trendy Caribbean restaurant owned by Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne and Win Butler. Agrikol is located in The Village in Montreal.
  • Apt 200 – A modern lounge-club modelled after a large apartment, located in Toronto’s trendiest West Queen West neighbourhood.
  • Hewing Hotel’s Tullibee – A unique North Loop restaurant & bar inspired by Minnesota’s lakes & woods. Located in Minneapolis, Tullibee focuses on hyper-local sourcing and works with regional farmers, fisherman and vendors.
  • La Marina – Located in Manhattan, La Marina is NYC’s original waterfront dining destination.  Combining a restaurant space, lounge, bar and event space, the venue sits alongside the Hudson River.
  • Nobu Ryokan – From Iron Chef’s Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu Ryokan is known for exceptional and exquisite California-infused Japanese cuisine.

Lightspeed offers POS and e-commerce solutions for independent businesses, and their restaurant offering is an all-in-one, cloud-based management system offering efficient table-side ordering, employee management, reporting, and accounting. The company recently celebrated its 12th anniversary with 600 employees, more than 45,000 customers, and managing $15 billion in global transactions annually across 101 countries. They currently onboard more than 1,500 new customers per month, but the calibre and location of these five new partnerships is indicative of how adaptable the technology is.

“While each of these restaurants have their own set of needs that Lightspeed’s restaurant platform addresses, all of them are looking to increase mobility, decrease wait times, speed up turnover and keep their restaurant management centralized,” Lightspeed Founder and CEO Dax Dasilva told MTLinTECH. “From Apt 200 – a lounge space in Toronto, to Arcade Fire’s Agrikol – a trendy venture into Caribbean cuisine in Montreal, to Iron Chef’s Nobu Matsuhisa new restaurant in Malibu, Nobu Ryokan, Lightspeed is continuing to innovate to meet the needs of global customers and consumer demand.”

The new partnerships reflect the changing hospitality sector. More and more high-end restaurants are adopting cutting edge technology.

“Hospitality needs are constantly evolving. Restaurants are using tech in new ways, from self-order menus to table-side iPad ordering, and they’re looking for a provider who can innovate as fast as they are, with agile and highly efficient solutions. These new acquisitions exemplify some of the biggest trends in the restaurant industry, from going mobile, to creating adaptable, customizable solutions for the customer.  We were proud to sign these five customers, showcasing how small and medium-sized businesses can continue to achieve success and growth with the right tools.”

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