Le Wagon coding school officially launches data science program in Montreal

Le Wagon, a coding school that brings technical know-how to creative minds, is launching its data science program in Montreal. The coding school is an intensive nine-week program that teaches the basics of data science and machine learning.

Registration is now open for potential students here. Some prerequisites are necessary. 

After successful launches in Paris, London and Shanghai, the organization will now open its first Montreal data science cohort this fall. It plans to train 7,000 people worldwide by 2023.

Montreal is an AI epicentre and career opportunities in this field are booming. However, practical, hands-on training to make sure that people are operational in a team specialized in data is scarce,” said cofounder Marie-Gabrielle Ayoub. “Le Wagon proudly contributes to addressing this gap in the market by offering a program largely covering the knowledge and skills of the field.”

The program begins on October 19. It will take place both online and at Le Wagon’s office at 5333 Casgrain Ave.

In a release, Le Wagon said it is responding to market demand. It says it’s doing this by providing practical, team-specialized training in data science. In fact, a report by the World Economic Forum suggesting that artificial intelligence can create 58 million new jobs by 2022The report also pointed out that 54 percent of employees of large companies would need to up-skill in order to fully harness these growth opportunities. 

For that reason, Le Wagon feels its offering is much-needed.

Learning to think like a Data Scientist

Le Wagon says its bootcamp consists of 80 percent practical exercises on real Data Science projects, claiming that it teaches all skills necessary to launch a personal project, and “allows its students to be immediately employable.”

The bootcamp is made up of five pillars: Fundamentals of Data ScienceMachine LearningData EngineeringDeep Learning and Project management and presentation of results.

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