LANDR’s new Creator tool enables ‘almost infinite’ number of sounds for producers

Landr is a Montreal startup that offers a music production platform for creators. Its LANDR Samples database gives music-producers a database of over a million sounds.

However, Landr recently told Music Business Worldwide that the samples database has been transformed into “almost infinite possibilities” thanks to its latest tool, Creator.

LANDR says Creator uses artificial intelligence. It allows producers and artists of any skill level to quickly preview up to eight loops together for online playback.

As creators select loops, they get automatically pitch-adjusted and time-stretched to match the chosen key and tempo.

“Our goal with any new feature is to help producers do what they are best at, make creative decisions,” LANDR CEO, Pascal Pilon, told Music Business Worldwide. “The addition of Creator to the samples platform streamlines sound selection for pros and helps aspiring artists to quickly sketch ideas for a track without having to download and manipulate individual sounds.

“Our algorithm analyzes each sample and decides the best ratios for time stretching and pitch shifting, making quick, musical matches.”

While Creator is currently in beta, Landr expects a launch date in July. LANDR currently services a music-making community of over three million people. It’s Samples database covers genres from hip-hop and electronic to world music, SFX, opera and beyond.

“When Creator is paired with the AI recommendation power of LANDR Selector, artists of all skill levels can build a sonic sketch to be finished in the DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] of their choice,” said Pilon. “As a producer makes their creative choices, there is no feasible limit to the number of unique combinations that could happen.”

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