Data centre network aid Kaloom ups series A funding to $39 million

Montreal-based Kaloom is adding more money to its stockpile through the addition of Alternative Capital Group as its majority shareholder. In doing so, Kaloom is upping its total series A funding to $39 million ($32.5 million USD).

Along with that, it has also named a new president in Stéphane Boisvert.

“If you look at what Kaloom is doing with its software defined architecture, Kaloom is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. It would require a company to turn its business model upside down to replicate Kaloom’s technology and business model,” said Boisvert. “I am looking forward to working with the phenomenal leadership team to bring to market a truly programmable, networking fabric.”

What does Kaloom do?

Kaloom offers a fully programmable and automated cloud-native networking solution for the edge data centres. Edge data centres are smaller facilities located close to the populations they serve that deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end users. By processing data and services as close to the end user as possible, edge computing allows organizations to reduce latency and improve the customer experience.

So, Kaloom is a service provider for those edge data centres. It will use its new cash to speed up the deployment of its Unified Edge Solution, including its “Cloud Edge Fabric” product.

Cloud Edge Fabric is a fully automated data centre networking fabric solution specifically designed for simultaneous 4G and 5G applications at the data centre edge. It provides native support for network slicing along with embedded 5G user plane function (UPF). Network slicing is 5G network slicing is the use of network virtualization to divide single network connections into multiple distinct virtual connections that provide different amounts of resources to different types of traffic.

The company also says it’s in active Proof of Concept trials with over 10 tier-one global communication service providers. It previously inked a partnership with Telenor for the integration of its 5G packet core UPF within Telenor’s ecosystem of integrated partner solutions.

Boisvert comes on board as President

As a part of ACG’s investment, Kaloom will add Stéphane Boisvert President. Kaloom’s founder, Laurent Marchand, will remain CEO.

Boisvert has held executive positions with numerous companies in Montreal, Toronto, and Silicon Valley, including, Pivotal (Acquired by VMware), Bell, Sun Microsystems and IBM. According to Kaloom, Boisvert is “an expert in advanced cloud computing technologies and complex 5G network management.”

Kaloom is based in the Quartier de l’innovation in Montréal. It previously raised $10.7 million USD in 2017, in what was its original series A round. That round was led by Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Somel Investments, MBUZZ Investments and Griffin Fund II.

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