Julien Smith and co. launch next endeavour

Practice is Montreal’s newest startup endeavor. Led by Julien Smith, co-founder at Breather, the company offers a suite of software tools for coaches, consultants, therapists and other professionals. Ben Nevile, formerly Breather’s CTO, has also taken on the same role here under Smith once more.

Smith has teased for months that a new project was coming, and posted news of the new project to his Facebook page on Friday. Few details are available so far, but the platform helps professionals streamline scheduling, invoicing, payments, and organize client notes all in a single tool that also offers interactive messaging. This is all designed to free up busy professionals, allowing them to do more and invoice more all while providing better service and helping a greater number of people.

Early access is now available on the website. Wider access will be made available over the coming months. In a statement on Medium Smith provided more detail on the project. “Our current customers are solopreneurs of all stripes — from performance coaches for Olympic athletes to first timers who are just getting their initial clientele during this pandemic. But whoever you are, and whatever you have to teach, we welcome you and we want to talk to you. We believe you have something to contribute, and we want to help you get up and running, quickly.”

For the time being the service is available on iOS and web only.

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