Automation Systems Architect (Full Stack)

  • Full Time
  • Montreal

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Sheertex makes the strongest pantyhose in the world (and if that doesn’t excite you, ask someone who wears pantyhose). Named one of TIME’s best inventions of the year in 2018, we’ve since grown to fill a 120,000 sq/ft factory with hundreds of people, hundreds of machines, and tens of thousands of customers around the world.

Sheertex Automation is an aggressively cross-disciplinary skunkworks responsible for making this rapid growth possible: we’re tasked with running experiments, collecting data, and building whatever hardware, software, or human process is required to make sure we can continue growing into 2021 and beyond.

If you’re excited by hard problems, big machines, working alongside smart people, and making a physical product that half the world absolutely loves, you’re in the right place (and if that seems intimidating, don’t worry – you’re in good company; we’d still love to hear from you).

As the Automation Systems Architect, you will be responsible for designing and building the software systems used by Sheertex’s manufacturing processes. This includes:

  • Control and data processing pipelines for the hundreds of IoT devices being deployed around the factory
  • The “traditional” web applications used by production staff and supervisors
  • Data science and machine learning pipelines used to improve quality control and production efficiency
  • Working with electrical and mechanical engineers to assist them in building the software that powers the robotics and embedded devices they are building

Examples of software you might be working on:

  • The web application which manages production (running on tablets at each knitting machine, TVs on the sewing floor, managers offices, etc)
  • Data collection scripts which pull data from production machinery (over serial, UDP, or our custom data-collection hardware)
  • Dashboards which display the data we’re collecting, helping inform operations where best to allocate their time and effort
  • Applications running on platforms like the Arduino (used for data collection and machine control)

Your profile:

  • You enjoy problem solving in a cross-disciplinary, results-oriented team
  • You have experience working with, and potentially leading, teams of 5 to 10 software developers.
  • You are motivated by solving real problems for real people (you’ll be working meters away from almost 100 people who’ll be using your software every day)
  • You are comfortable working in an environment where you’ll be writing JavaScript in the morning, walking through lines of knitting machines at lunch, and helping test a new robot in the afternoon.
  • You have experience with some of the following technologies;
    • Python (especially for back-end web development, scripting, and data analysis)
    • JavaScript (and TypeScript is a bonus)
    • Modern HTML + CSS
    • React
    • SQL (and especially PostgreSQL)
    • MQTT
    • Kubernetes
    • Google Cloud Platform (GKE, Cloud PubSub, CloudRun, etc)

Expectations of everyone on the Automation  team:

  • You take ownership of the problems you’re working on, and solve them using any and all resources available.
  • You are humble and inquisitive. You enter every conversation expecting to learn something from your interlocutor.
  • You take an evidence-based approach to problem solving.
  • You are always improving. Always improving yourself, always improving the Automation team, and always improving Sheertex.

Sound interesting? We’d love to hear from you!

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