New developer tool Immunio beefs up security for web applications

Montreal-based startup Immunio has launched its application security-as-a-software solution that makes developer web applications safe and secure from vulnerabilities.

According to the VC-funded company, the web application level is an area notoriously easy to hack and has proven in the past to be the leading cause of data breaches. To truly secure web applications, developers need a simple, measureable representation of ongoing risk and the ability to immediately react to and block attacks.

Immunio said it provides a real-time solution that builds security into the application itself with no lock-in and no code integration necessary. It determines attacks and attackers so it can quickly react and block attacks before any damage takes place. Meanwhile, developers can integrate security features into all applications, putting their focus back on innovation.

“To date, application security practices are largely based on a ‘find-vulnerability-quickly, fix-vulnerability-quickly’ model,” said CEO Zaid Hamami. “Engaging thoroughly and quickly is beyond the reach of most teams and organizations.”

Over the past two years, Immunio has been heavily focused on building an alternative solution that deploys in minutes and instruments applications for security. This provides the necessary insight needed and added security features to an application, therefore protecting it against attacks and sophisticated attackers. In doing this, we’ve focused our efforts on those truly responsible for an application – the developers. We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Immunio, showcasing just how simple it now is for developers and DevOps teams to protect applications from the ground up.

Immunio works with startups to globally recognized brands like CareerBuilder and SurveyMonkey.

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