Police respond to hostage call at Ubisoft Montreal building, but no threat detected

Update: in the end, it doesn’t appear as though there was any situation at all. Police responded to a call reporting a hostage situation at the building housing Ubisoft offices. While police did not refer to the situation as a hoax, they said no threat was detected.

Ubisoft Montreal has since tweeted a response to the incident:

Multiple news outlets are reporting that dozens of people are allegedly in a possible hostage situation at the building that hosts Ubisoft’s Montreal office. Per aerial footage obtained by TVA, it looks as though dozens of people are on the roof of the building. The Journal de Montreal reports that “employees barricaded the door giving access to the terrace.”

CTV News is calling it a “major police operation,” rather than a hostage situation. The news channel says it has received no reports of violence as of 3:27 PM. The police have given scarce details since the situation started at 1:30 PM.

Per the Montreal Gazette, police said they received a 911 call. Videos and photos shared on social media Friday afternoon showed streets around the building blocked by police cars, and police officers with shields walking on the sidewalk. There were ambulances on site, and the police armoured vehicle was also there.

Gamasutra reports that “The Journal’s reporting was quickly corroborated by Ubisoft employees working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community developer Eric Pope tweeted that he was on a call with several employees from the office, who had to leave abruptly before the Journal’s report emerged.”


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